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Raiding Rules

This is our rules for raiding with us.


Alliance Guild, Ravencrest, EU

April 18, 2021 by sickbrain

Last Update: 15 May 2021


General Rules  

•   When raiding just focus in your own performance.  Drama / additional talk  will not be tolerated.
•   Raidleader is the one who talks during the fights, others if needed *(tanks, assigned people,  etc.)*
•   If you can't attend, you must let us know why you can't attend in #absence channel as soon as possible. 
•   Player can be benched due to following reasons; Coming late, voluntarily,  poor performance.

1. AFK only at given times

Since we only raid three days a week, we save time by only going AFK at given times. 
Don't go AFK or stop play between bosses, help the team clear adds so that we can get it done faster.

3. Be ready even before the given hour

If we schedule a raid at 19:00, then the first pull will be at 19:00 sharp. 
Always become prepared and ready 15 minutes before. 

4. Pay attention to the game plan

The raid leader will always go through the game plan. Always pay attention, not doing so might even get you removed from the raid group and future progression raids.

If you would have any questions at any time, always speak up. No matter the question.


5. Always bring consumables. 

In progression, the guild will stand for feast and vantus runes when applicable. However, you are required to bring along your own Flasks and oils for now due to limited resources. 

6. Always be prepared. 

Raiders are always expected to be prepared for the upcoming encounters. Even though the raid leader most of the time will do a quick run through the tactics, to setup the game plan, every raider is expected to know the fight no matter if they've completed it before or not.

7. Progression isn't always just cakes and sodas. 

Sinbreakers Guild aims to have a calm raiding environment, but we also have our goals of reaching cutting edge in tiers. Therefore there might be times where people will be called out for doing something wrong. We believe this is the fastest way to teach one and each other. How can one improve if not knowing their mistakes? Raid leader is no exception. 

8. One Main that will rule them all. 

In order to become a Core Raider (progression raider) you are expected to have a main character that you always will try to min-max to the highest possibility. No matter the grind. (Yes, even The Maw for sockets!)


Mythic Pantheon Defeated!
Mythic Pantheon Defeated! "I'M THE PANTHEON NOW"
Mythic Artificer Defeated!
Mythic Artificer Defeated! Payback from the CN horror memories.
Mythic Dausegne Defeated!
Mythic Dausegne Defeated! Unfortunately, the team image has gone to the nether. Instead enyoy this prank Weakaura that Sickbrain made in Eye SoD mythic - GG WP
9.2 Ahead of the Curve - HC Jailer Defeated!
9.2 Ahead of the Curve - HC Jailer Defeated! HC Jailer down, making this is our third consistent AoTC achievement!
DRUNK RAID, KEKW? A group within the team decided to spend an evening doing mythic castle nathria to get the Sinbreakers title - by drinking!
Mythic Kel'thuzad DOWN! 9/10M
Mythic Kel'thuzad DOWN! 9/10M After 150 tidious pulls of trying to balance inside with outside, having different strats bout rotating people and cds, wasting 40 pulls on pre-nerf ractics, we finally downed the fight and now are 9/10 mythic!
9.1 Ahead of the Curve!
9.1 Ahead of the Curve! Sinbreakers are now AoTC in 9.1! 10/10hc
Glory of the Nathria Raider!
Glory of the Nathria Raider! While waiting for the right people to fill our roster for mythic, we cleared the raid to get the bat!
Offically an AoTC Guild!
Offically an AoTC Guild! 19/05 is the day where Sinbreakers offically hit the AoTC Marker!
First Raid week: 10/10N & 7/10HC  ?!!
First Raid week: 10/10N & 7/10HC ?!! That's right! The guild has completed Castle Nathria Normal, and are already nibbling at Sire's feets, within the very first raid week! For Mythic however, we need more people to fullfill our roster. Apply @
About Sinbreakers
About Sinbreakers Sinbreaker Progression raids offers a calm raiding environment, lead under a CE player (10/10M in 9.0). Outside raids we have a welcoming community where all kind of content is being played. M+, PvP, achievement runs.