Silverwing Solace

Alliance Guild, Quel'Thalas, EU


What to expect when you're expecting Guild Experiences.

Finding a good guild that is the "right fit" can be just as important as the level of armour you are wearing or how high your fps is.

Playing an MMO is, at its core, centered around being able to play with other like-minded people who share your ideals and expectations. People who you feel confident fighting (or dying) alongside, who you trust enough to tell your dinner-plans to and who simply "get" you when you are having a bad day in real life. Some enjoy conquering hard-core content, pushing boundaries and reaping world-wide fame while others want a chilled team to Raid with and spend time laughing with friends at the end of a hard day.

If a social atmosphere, casual raiding and exploring Azeroth in thrilling social events is your calling, look no further! You have found your people...


What we offer:

Casual Raiding: (Meaning an “inclusive attitude” whereby all members who meet basic raiding requirements are invited to attend.Progression at the pace of the team as a whole. Normal Raid clears guaranteed with Heroic progression as a bonus. Wednesday nights 8- 11pm servertime) 


End-Game content groups: Mythic + Runs, Heroic Warfronts, Gearing/ Boosting Runs, Island Expiditions, occasional PVP groups


Weekly Custom-Created Social Events!Expect to be wow-ed by unique contests, challenges, adventures and activities! Social events always include rewards like gold-prizes, mounts, toys, bags and/or pets. (Our Guild-leader is an Artist with too much time on her hands) Past events include Scavenger hunts, Wow-themed Riddle quests, Casino Night, in-game Murder Mystery (like the game Cluedo), "Paintball" and many more!


Legacy Content Raids, Transmog runs, Achievement Runs and Mount-farming sessions.ALL while having an active Discord "hang-out" community and social chatter so that no-one will ever need to play alone again.


Silverwing Solace is all about the Experience. For those seeking memories, moments and magic as they explore the vastness of the WoW Universe, this guild will be everything you've always wanted and more.