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We are looking for additional players who have knowledge around their class/specialization, or are interested in becoming better, that would like to help round out our raid teams. Currently we are in need of a communicative and commited main tank, who can sign up for listed events and show up for them. Also one or two additional healers and high DPS class/spec would be great.


We believe that having fun and making friends is one of the most important things when joining a guild, so you also need to be able to mesh with the group. We are looking for people that are mature, like to joke with others, are okay with the frequent "shocking" humor, and overall just appreciate that they are spending their free time on a video game. Daily activities like timewalking, mythic+, teaching, raiding and PVP. 25+ required.


We do not tolerate hate speech, or hardcore elitests. It's great if you are good, but don't be a jerk.

Feel free to reach out to N8DAWG (Natendo)#3520 on discord with specific questions. Thanks!

Shock Value recruits; Characters on Americas • Retail region. Min. level 70 characters. Min. item level 470 characters. Preferred
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