Shock Value

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This is a summary of where our guild is at as of March 1, 2023.

Shock Value

Horde Guild, Mannoroth, US

March 2, 2023 by N8TV


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Hi all, Natendo here. Here is some recent information about Shock Value that outside viewers might be interested in:

As of March 1, 2023 we wrapped up our first ever, February Mythic+ Dungeon Tournament! We had over 40 participants which captains drafted into teams of 5. As the event unfolded, we found various ways of making it more "member friendly", and we have a handful of items we'd like to remedy for the next time we do this. As it stands, preliminarily, "Wined Timed & SixtyNined" wins the "highest percentage increase of M+ rating" with "Children of Dant" having the "3 highest average keys with 5/5 team mate participants". Each team won 250,000 gold!

Our Sunday "Casual & Learning Raid" cleared Normal Vault of the Incarnates with a Raszageth defeat on 2/26! During this raid, we bring members who want to raid, but maybe never have & also allow alts in as well. We spend time walking members through the encounters, either as we go or prior to starting the encounter. We are considering stepping foot into Heroic Vault, but this has yet to be decided.

Our Wednesday "Midcore Raid" is currently 5/8 in Heroic Vault of the Incarnates, where we are working on clearing the first 5 more efficiently to have more attempts on finishing Dathea off. We have opened this raid up to alts. This raid does not usually include walkthroughs of encounters, and we are hoping to get an AOTC before it ends.

Our "Progression Raid" is 6/8 in Heroic Vault of the Incarnates, and at the moment we are having some difficulty with coordinating days and times to raid. We are certain that we can achieve AOTC in this group, just working out the scheduling conflicts that have come up.

We have our 3rd monthly guild event on March 10th where we will be hosting our 2nd town hall discussion. We will be discussing what we liked/disliked about season 1, some things we'd like to see or do for season 2, and have an open discussion around any issues, concerns, or positive remarks about Shock Value. Afterwards, we will have our normal night of zany guild events with our February guild awards handed out.

We are discussing as an officer group what Mythic+ event to run for season 2. So far, I have presented the following ideas:

Individual Awards - 25,000 gold

  1. Top M+ score for the season
  2. Most valor accumulated (only one character, not for account)

Group Awards - 100,000 gold

  1. Highest key completed and timed with 5/5 guild members
  2. Fastest key completed and timed with 5/5 guild members

Major Award - 250,000 gold

  1. Highest scoring team with only Shock Value guild members

If you have any interest in joining Shock Value, please take a look at our recruitment area! We are mainly looking for members who enjoy raiding and Mythic+, but we accept a wide variety. Please keep us in mind the next time you are looking for a quality guild with a long history!