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Mythic Raid Team (Horde)
1. Raid Days and Times: The raid team raids from 7-10PM server (EST) on Tue/Wed with Monday cleanups if necessary and viable. There is a possibility that we will add Mondays to the schedule but this is rare.

2. Punctuality: With a minimal raid timeframe of six hours per week, we need to pull the first pull at 7PM. This means that the raid team needs to be in group and ready to pull [cauldron complete, food buffs done, first explanation (if required) done, etc...] by 7PM. We will do invites at 6:45PM to prepare the group for the first pull.

3. Loot Rules: All loot will be given out via RCLootCouncil and the council consists of Firereli, Hawkster and Maskofsanity. We encourage that you put in % of upgrade, BiS, etc… to help us choose who should receive the gear. That being said, if you are a flex raider and a core raider needs the gear, the gear will go to the core raider prior to a flex. This is also the same for alts versus mains.

4. Required Addons: To make the raid run smoother we have a group of addons that are required in raid, which some of them assist in completion of mechanics as well. The list of required addons for raid is as follows: a. Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs b. Exorsus Raid Tools c. SharedMedia_Causese d. WeakAuras e. RCLootCouncil

5. Raid Attendance: It is expected that all Mythic raiders are at or above 90% attendance. This is especially important if you are trialing with the raid team to show that you are dedicated to the team

6. Trials: As a trial you will be placed on a two-week trial period where you will be evaluated for your performance and attendance. You will also be last priority for gear in loot as well to prevent getting BiS gear then leaving the guild.

7. Performance: PINK PARSES ARE NOT NECESSARY! Blue and above are what we are looking for. However, consistent green or gray parses will have us looking for replacements.

Shenaniganz recruits; Characters on Americas • Retail region. Preferred
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