Shadows of the Horde

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Season 3 is here!

Taking Flight Part 2 Dragon Flight Season 3 Weve come a long way baby!

Shadows of the Horde

Horde Guild, Darrowmere, US

November 18, 2023

Last Update: 18 December 2023


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Season 3 is upon us and I am happy to say our team is already off and running. It is really quite awesome how far our guild has come since DragonFlight dropped a year ago! On the 2nd night Amirdrassil was available we had our first raid night of the season and we downed 2 bosses; with most of us still in last seasons gear.

I have no doubt that will change as Mythic Mondays, hosted by Dave (Agna) will continue, building on the success of season 2 when so many of us got KSM!! Many of us have already started hitting Mythics and it feels like we are seasoned pros. I have a funny feeling the gear is gonna come for our raid squad (especially with Steve (Constantine) tracking our Average item level =D ), and with that, we will be crushing Heroic Amirdrassil in no time.

On the PvP Side, there has been so much interest in finally geting that RBG team together and doing other Organized PvP. I am pleased to say our very own Jake (AKA Paotiman/Svartokse), will be hosting Saturday PvP events. Stay tuned!

For all the Farmers, Gatherers, and Crafters out there, we will be putting together a guild effort to organize the collection of MATS for creating and stocking of Consumables (Feasts, Flasks, & Pots), and gear augments for use in our events and gearing our teams. Dragonflight has really upped the significance of professions and has alot to offer that we really havent taken advantage of. We have had so many generous guildies who have contributed this past year, and I am sure working together in season 3 we will benefit and enjoy all the bumps available in the game from crafted "stuff"!

Thats all I've got for now. If you're looking for a great guild, we are looking for grreat people! We still need raiders for our Mythic raid team and warriors to help us kill Allies and of course as always, and perhaps most importantly, we are looking for more friends to share the good times and shoot the breeze with! Come check us out!