Shadows of the Horde

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Taking Flight

Dragon Flight is almost here!

Shadows of the Horde

Horde Guild, Darrowmere, US

October 17, 2022 by Erastothenes


With Prepatch just a little over two weeks away, and Dragonflight itself dropping on 11/28 there is alot of excitement. There has been much talk that this will be such a profund shft in gamplay that it is essentially WoW 2.0

Here in out guild we are preparing for Dragonflight with great Optimism. As an oldschool guild with a core of guys who have been playing together over a decade, rebooting is not new to us. Figuring out what to keep and what to get rid of in our guild vault, talking about prospective class changes and things like talent trees. (YES!), and of course finding some chill people who are ready to kick some ass and have a blast !

If you are a positive person looking to contribute and be part of a group of mature like minded adults we might be just as happy to meet you as you are to have found us!
Connect with us today and see if maybe we could be yout Guild home for the next exciting chapter in Azeroth and beyond!