Shadows of the Horde

Horde Guild • Darrowmere • US • Retail TIER 3 GUILD


Raid Night

Another Successful Raid night. Our Team is coming together for Dragon Flight.

Shadows of the Horde

Horde Guild, Darrowmere, US

October 17, 2022 by Erastothenes

Last Update: 10 November 2022


When we started raiding nearly 10 weeks ago it was just a handful of us. but now our team is growing and really starting to gel. With an almost all guild group we hit Sanctum and blasted throught Tarragrue, (which after all those Torghast deaths always brings me joy!) the Jailers Eye and the Nine. quickly fell each in thier turn
We arrived at Soulrender and even though it was the first time for everyone we did it in two takes and one faceroll!

Though our progression is not super far along compared to some, the goal of our weekly raid night is first and foremost having fun, and long term , building our team and implementing best practices for Dragon Flight. I have to say we are well on our way! After 13 years of bein a GM and raiding in almost every expansion, i think this group has the potential to be one of the most solid and enjoyable of all. The formula? Its simple. People first!

If you like to raid but are tired of elitists jerks and would like to be part of a casual team of friendly helpful guildies hit us up.
We raid every Saturday night 9;30 Easteern time and will be moving into a slightly more robust schedule (two nights a week) in Dragonflight!