Shadows of the Horde

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Shadows of the Horde

Horde Guild, Darrowmere, US

October 8, 2022 by Erastothenes


Keeping with the tradition of defending the Horde and striking fear into the hearts of Allies our PvP started early this week with some heavy throwdown action in Zereth Mortis. We were just peacefully queing when someone decided to gank jake while he was upgrading a peice of gear at the creation catalyst.
Big mistake.
In true Shadows of the Horde fashion it was only moments before every shadow online was in in Zereth Mortis campng out in the catalyst Gardens letting the Allies know what happens when you mess with one of us. By the end of our time there the floor around the creation catalyst was literally covered in the bones of thier dead bodies! It was ...Glorious!
Lok-Tar O'Gar!!


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