Shadows of the Horde

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Weekly Kickoff

Kicking off "Eras weekly Kickoff" Teusday night Mythics are here!

Shadows of the Horde

Horde Guild, Darrowmere, US

September 22, 2022 by Erastothenes

Last Update: 8 October 2022


As our weekly raids are gaining momentum our attention turns to getting gear, and that means Mythics! The "Eras weekly kickoff is meant for running content together, especially dungeons and this week our crew did "kick" things off! Sene took point with Steve bringing up the rear with some great heals. Jake Erik and Sacro brought the DEEPS! We crushed several Keys with no fuss and no stress..(and no one leaving!) Everyone improved thier rating, a few upgrades dropped...and most importantly...WE HAD FUN!!
Ttruly amazing what a difference running in an all friend group makes.!

Tired of pugs where someone leaving halfway through is not the exception but the rule more often than not?

Join us every Teusdy at 9PM Eastern as we grooup up to run and push Keys!