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We are currently looking to fill out our roster with active and friendly guild members to help each other achieve whatever it is they may desire!


Horde Guild, Draenor, EU

February 10, 2024 by Turveynator


We are Seismic, established in 2020 and have been achieveing AOTC every tier but we are now looking to expand into proper mythic raiding. With that in mind, we are looking for players to fill out our mythic roster and start doing Mythic raiding with a great focus on DPS and HEALERS. Previous Mythic experience is not needed, but greatly appreciated. What you will need though is decent Heroic raiding experience and a great attitude. Our current raid days are wednesday-monday 19:45-23:00 ST. With an optional alt run on sundays between 19:45-23:00 ST to gear alts and play with your friends. If you are not into raiding but you enjoy m+ pushing, we have people doing all kinds of keys between the lowest key all the way up to +27/+28s. So no matter where you are at, you can always find someone to play and push with. If you're not into m+ either, you are more than welcome to join as a social if you want to go collect your mounts and/or pets in great company and just have fun while doing it.

Current progress: 1/9M with Igira at 30%!

• Be at least 18 years old.
• Be respectful to others.

You can message me on discord for more info: Turveynator
You can message me on for more info: Turveynator#2397
You can apply to join at