S e V e N

Alliance Guild, Silvermoon, EU

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Welcome To S e V e N !

Hello There!

  <S e V e N> 

<Late Night Raiding Guild>

We are an international Alliance guild Freshly  made  with an active community. As a guild we hope to maintain a steady raiding progression, while valuing the principles of fun, family-like environment, teamwork, friendship and dedication. Everyone is welcome to build up our community!

Why would you join S e V e N?

-We are a diverse group of players who are welcoming to everyone;
-We have structured raid schedule with a mature but light-hearted communication; 
-We are not a "login for raids only" guild. We have a very active non-raiding community that runs M+ ,PvP (arenas and battlegrounds) and world content as well; 
-We communicate over guild discord, where people are free to share both personal and game-related experiences; 
-We approach everyone with equal respect.

What are we looking for?

As a player:

-Team players who can communicate through mic and text in English;
-Above average players who are open to improving;
-Players who are not taking breaks from the game every pre-expansion period;
-Availability on both raid nights at least 90% of the time.

As role specialization:

-Tanks! We mostly require steady tanks to really fulfill a solid core raiding group.
-Healers! Not necessarily, but with good DPS off-specs would be welcome.
-Ranged DPS! We would love to have some great ranged dps players join us to balance out our current raid roster!
Any other exceptional applicants! We are always happy to have people of all roles join us!


We look for semi-hardcore players with multi class specialization, preferably for long time gaming and future contents. We are also looking for Officers, Raid leaders/ assistants and of course every committed player who recognizes himself/herself as a raider or casual player to join us in a variety of activities as well as to fill our Mythic raiding roster for progression in Mythic NYA. Our goals are to create a friendly atmosphere where people can engage in banter and conversation as well as going through the HC and Mythic part of every new content once become available.

If you are considering joining our Raid team we might ask for: logs, particular raid achievements and any other experience that will add value to our teamwork.

Mythic raid days and times (server time):

-Wednesday: 24:00 - 3:00

-Thursday: 24:00 - 3:00

-Sunday: 24:00 - 3:00

We don't have a strict schedule for HC raiding but will often gather members from the guild for HC raiding throughout the week.

If you are looking for a new Home we are happy to welcome social players that are looking for a fresh, fun, friendly, family like community to spend their gaming hours with!

If you are interested to join or got some questions

please contact: Paolo#2253


Death Knight
Death Knight Frost Death Knight Unholy
Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter Havoc Demon Hunter Vengeance
Druid Balance Druid Guardian Druid Restoration
Hunter Beast Mastery
Mage Fire Mage Frost
Monk Brewmaster Monk Windwalker
Paladin Holy Paladin Protection Paladin Retribution
Priest Shadow
Rogue Assassination Rogue Outlaw
Shaman Elemental Shaman Enhancement Shaman Restoration
Warlock Destruction
Warrior Fury Warrior Protection