Royale Guard

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Royae Guard Guild Charter

All prospective guild members must read and agree to the guild charter. Please take a few minutes to read it.

Royale Guard

Alliance Guild, Sen'jin, US

June 14, 2020 by CrazyCatLady

Last Update: 28 June 2020



The Royale Guard is an online guild for World of Warcraft established in 2006.  The guild is designed to cater to a mature and respectful membership, with an emphasis on casual gameplay.


A member’s “main” is almost always the toon that he/she joins with.  There is a limit to the number of characters each player may bring to the guild so the membership numbers are not bloated.  Currently we will accept your main toon plus up to 2 alts.  Additional alts will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Guild bank repairs - we are still working on an equitable approach to make guild bank repairs available to our members.  At this time we are attempting to build the coffers by completing weekly guild challenges (dungeons, mythics, rated battlegrounds, raids).  More info to follow.

Guild bank - items in the bank are available to all guild members for personal use (ie., leveling a profession, weapon or gear upgrade, equipping sockets, etc) and not for resale at the auction house.  Guild bank access is available for withdrawals and deposits to Corporal or higher but items are available to recruits upon request of specific items.   

Our casual nature as a guild necessitates being light on rules.  Rules of conduct do exist and each member is expected to abide by them.  All members must behave towards one another in a mature, respectful manner. Our guild is our online “family”, treat one another well.  Members will seek resolution to issues through the established leadership.  Leadership reserves the right to expel any member based on misconduct, inappropriate behavior, significant personality conflicts, or for any other reasons deemed necessary.

“Mature” means possessing adult sensibilities such as civility, respect for others and disdain for drama, not as a reference to explicit or generally offensive content. Royale Guard may permit members at or under eighteen years of age, but assumes no responsibility for language or other adult content within guild communications, whether in-game or on the website. Members should also recognize that some members have children who share their accounts, and all members are expected to consider mixed company, when present.
“Casual” means a very limited set of responsibilities and expectations placed upon regular members, and that the guild is designed for fellowship amongst members without emphasis on particular gameplay styles. While we are not specialized in, for instance, PvP or raiding style gameplay, members with such interests are supported, and in fact encouraged to develop these aspects with one another within the guild.
While the rules or policies are intentionally limited, and subject to change or revision, all members are responsible for conduct and behavior in accordance with these, and membership in the Royale Guard constitutes agreement.



The rank structure is as follows:







Recruit – A new member engaged in a mutually probationary relationship with the guild. This is a “try before you buy” phase, where the guild monitors the new member for behavior and the member determines if the guild is a “fit” for them. The recruit status is brief, of approximately two weeks in length. Any recruit members who have not been advanced to Corporal after this period should contact an Officer to look into the matter. The Recruit phase may be waived altogether on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of any Officer. 

Corporal – The Corporal rank is the standard for guild membership. The duration of this rank is approximately one month, and is based on sustained good behavior in the guild and the approval of any Officer.   This is the highest level of recognition in the guild for members who do not wish to take on regular responsibilities or join Discord.

Regular Members (Recruits, Corporals) enjoy the minimum set of rules and responsibilities. Aside from the shared General Code of Conduct, these generally only include very light assistance with guild organization by making sure that all characters (toons) are correctly identified and noted on our guild roster (WoW), and that your Discord nickname is the same as your declared primary toon (WoW and all other supported games in general).


Ranks of Sergeant and above require the use of Discord.

Sergeant - The Sergeant members are senior members, and are active in events like farming and/or raiding, and/or mythic plus, and/or guild parties. These players are part of the guild core group, and have joined and are active in Discord and/or in-game-guild-voice-chat.  These criteria must be met at a minimum for consideration as a Sergeant.  Sergeants may be asked to assume some small regular or occasional duties, but are fully within their rights to decline. 


Ranks of Lieutenant and above also require the Guild Roster Manager addon.

Lieutenant – A lieutenant is the first level of officer leadership. Acceptance of this rank includes the responsibilities of superior conduct both within the guild and as a representative of the guild to other players. A Lieutenant will be a guild event leader.  Many of the responsibilities include promotion and roster management (an assigned duty shared with all other Officers assisting), referring to Discord for news and contributions, participation in Discord for the purpose of coordination and fostering of community, organization of events as necessary, and contributing to the cohesiveness and overall wellness of the guild community.  

Captain - A captain is charged with tasking, overseeing and, when necessary, coordinating with Lieutenants in the creation of guild components that are attractive to a variety of players. These might include PvP, Mythic +, and raiding elements within the guild, for example. Additionally, they have a variety of responsibilities: guild morale management, guild bank management, recruiting management. Captains are entrusted to guide the guild proactively, and to make decisions in accordance with the greater Royale Guard ideals and efforts. This is, theoretically, the highest rank attainable within the guild, and a particularly high degree of trust is placed in the member in case the Commander can no longer be the leader; it will automatically fall to the Captain.

Chief - TBA

Commander – The rank of Commander concerns themselves chiefly with the overall vision and goals of the Royale Guard.  The Commander is also the operational “GM” for the guild in the game in which they are appointed.



All Officers and Sergeants who invite new recruits into the guild will point them to Discord by encouraging (but not requiring) them to add and to use our Discord voice server.  While members are not required to register on Discord or to use Discord, both are highly recommended. For those interested in guild rank progression, advancement in the guild ranks beyond Sergeant is not possible without Discord registration.  Discord is required for participation in guild raids.  We believe that use of voice communication is indispensable to the creation of the type of guild desired, one that might foster lasting and loyal friendships.
For those members who have not used Discord before, it is our firm belief that it adds a very significant dimension to gaming with friends, one that should not be neglected. Once again, however, it is not required at the member levels.
-Members should use WoW Guild Chat as their primary channel.
-Members participating in group activity (game specific missions, etc.) must use a Group sub-channel within WoW.

-Members using Discord should be respectful of others at all times.
-Members should log out of the Discord server after use (do not stay logged in overnight, etc.)