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Rohnin is a guild that has been around 8-9 years and is a very social guild and a active raiding guild doing both HC and Mythic content

Rohnin International Social/Raiding Guild

Welcome to Rohnin International!

Rohnin is a long established Alliance guild on EU Silvermoon who have been clearing content together for over 10 years. We're a pretty social guild, and want to focus on bolstering our roster in raiding, M+ and PVP. We have one of the most active communities on the server with an amazing atmosphere and active discord. ROHNIN & RAIDING: Rohnin has 3 raid teams in the guild -Team CC are new afternoon raiding team Which will focus for AOTC and has 3/8HC (Thur/Sun 13:00-16:00ST) -Team ART evening raiding team which will focus also on AOTC and has 6/8HC (Wed/Mon 20:00-23:00ST) -Team RES is our core Mythic team wanting to push progress as far as we can go and has 3/8M (Thur/Sun 20:00-23:00ST) -M+ We have a range of players in our guild all willing to help each other out and run any keys from 2-23 and above! Just hop on discord as there is normally someone running keys. -Funruns: Every Fridays at about 20:30ST we run a funrun where anyone who is roughly 370ilvl can join us for raid. This is so all teams can hangout together and socials not in a team can also join too.

This has been running for many years now and we have a couple of guilds that also come and join us. (We do have a few drinks too as its a weekend) Raiding can be a very fun activity , it does however take commitment and its important to realize that you're part of a team. People in your team will count on you to take responsibility for being prepared, knowing tactics, being geared, on time, informed and able to be there for the whole duration of the planned raids. We are a Semi-hardcore raiding guild, with a lot of active people who enjoy raiding with a goal to clear content , these will be your teammates and they will expect you to have the same goal. All teams will be led by people with the drive to get the best raiding experience possible. We will be actively pushing the teams and their players to improve. So we expect people to welcome constructive criticism and to stay positive while the team improves and grows. WHO ARE YOU? - You can keep a high attendance. - You are a social person and are motivated to become a part of our core team. - You come prepared for every raid. - You can take constructive criticism and suggestions from team-mates and raid leaders. - You are absolutely in no way elitist and always put the best of the team before your personal gain. - You have a good attitude and a sense of humour. - You have relevant experience in mythic/heroic raiding depending on what team you wish to be in.

WHAT CAN WE OFFER? - Steady progression in live content. - One of the best communities out there. You will always find someone to play with here, whether it is wow or any other game. - A close knit team where everyone has their say and every voice will be heard. - Varied organised content from M+, Raiding and PvP Content to general get-togethers, transmog competitions and achievement runs. - Enjoyable raid hours. - Friday Fun-Run's for social raiding! (Alcohol is advised!) Raid days/times are yet to be made but will always be 8pm-11pm ST There is also a possibility to move between teams depending on performance/attendance. We aim to continuously work towards having a close-knit team of players and recruit the player, not the character itself.

If you would like to join our rag-tag team of players, you can contact the following players in game or on the app.

GM/Rleader: Stylerstar / Stylerstar#2299 - Discord Stylerstar#6823

Team RES RL: Skaduhapest / Asharae#2336 - Discord Goop#8962

Team RES RL: Dèép / Discord Fabbe#3450

Team ART RL: Asmondcold / Discord Jimmy Glasssssssssssss#5703

Team CC RL: Marsizan / Discord Zed86#2908

We look forward to meeting you! :)


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Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible
9 / 9
8 / 9
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Vault of the Incarnates
8 / 8
8 / 8
3 / 8
Sepulcher of the First Ones
11 / 11
6 / 11
0 / 11
Sanctum of Domination
10 / 10
6 / 10
0 / 10
Castle Nathria
10 / 10
9 / 10
0 / 10



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