Rising Sun

Horde Guild, Bronzebeard, US

Vectus to 1%

This week we almost had Vectus!  1% before the wipe!  Next time, we got this!


A few things in the meantime:  If you need enchants, gems, or flasks, WE HAVE THE HOOKUP.  We'll get you what you need during the raid, just make sure to speak up!  We don't check everybody for enchants/gems/flasks on principle.  If you're coming, we hope you're coming with the best you can bring and if something is missing that you need, please say something.  The guild officers do NOT require compensation for the freebies they give!

Next week, Maxs is out so it'll by Mythic+ farming, but after that, lets finally get that outer ring cleared and try for Zul!