Rising Sun

Horde Guild, Bronzebeard, US


State of the Guild

Well guys, here we are, 3 bosses downed and progress made every week. We've gone from struggling on Taloc and Mother while getting slammed by Zekhvoz, to having Taloc, Mother, AND Fetid Devourer on Farm. We still haven't been able to field a full complement of 10+ guildies, but we're hoping that can become a reality soon.  The signs of progress are great so far.  We've got a stable duo of tanks, healers that are not all priests, and a good core of folks.

Going forward, we're still going to try to beat Uldir because Rising Sun has never been about rushing.  We're about enjoying the content pressure-free, with no expectations other than to bring your A-Game, be prepared to learn, and above all: have fun.

We still do not require mods, but we highly recommend everybody get onto Discord for raids.  It's much easier to coordinate when you can hear other guildies (and if you don't wanna speak, feel free to mute yourself, no worries!).

Our PvP nights have turned out to be much more fun than expected, and we're hoping to see more people join on in.  If we get enough on, we'll coordinate seperately from the rest of the BG and do our own thing to ensure a win.

If anybody has any needs, please let Grahams and Venjin know.  We will make the time to help you out.

This is the closest we've been to the glory days of when we had weekly Kara raids and were trying to progress farther.  All the barriers that held us back are no longer there.  We can make something special again, all it takes is us having fun.  So let's do this!

On another note, RIP Stan Lee, you are a legend and will be missed.