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Remnant - A labor of love, a work in progress.

If you are looking for a guild, please give us a minute of your time and read below. :)


Horde Guild, Gorefiend, US

June 6, 2023 by Mageyewsmile

Last Update: 8 June 2023


Remnant is a mythic progression guild with an eye for striving for CE. We have a large player base of about 80 total people who are into everything from PVP, to mythic+, to casual raiding and a core group of players who are pushing mythic progression—so there is something for everyone here.

We started as a core group of friends that know each other IRL for 20+ years who have lead many guilds in past expansions and have been apart of a few different CE guilds in retail and classic, we are moms and dads, some college age people, and a few boomers.

Here is where it is very hard to not sound like every other post from a guild looking for more members. The ol’ “We are a close-knit, guild with a chill but fun atmosphere….something something semi-hardcore something something we have been together forever” etc etc is every post. So I’d like to outline things we do that may set us apart from the others and why we may be worth your time to check out.


Reasons you would like to be a part of the Remnant community:


We haven’t been a guild forever, we haven’t been around so long that by sheer virtue of guild age that new players will feel like and be treated like outsiders for huge periods of time. We have people who joined a few months ago through virtue of merit alone are both officers and leaders in their perspective roles in the community. We talk to each other like you would your neighbor, most of us know each other’s real names and what kind of lives we lead, everything from excitement for a new baby being born to praise on a promotion or words of encouragement when shitty things happen to each other. We value mythic progression very highly, but the most important thing to us is building a community of friendly and familiar faces and voices to come back to each day, one that transcends this expansion and one day even this game. During content luls and sometimes for just a break we play guilded bean battles, tabletop simulator, warzone, among us, etc.
This is a community where we have a wild mix of incredibly competitive people and large amounts of understanding that real life exists and we aren’t all 18 with infinite time anymore.

You may join us for our raid schedule, shared game goals, or the competitive aspect of what we do, but you will absolutely stay because of our community, atmosphere, and the amazing people that produce those things.


How we do loot:
So we spent an enormous amount of time coming up with our loot system. The default need/greed leaves much to be desired for optimum raid efficiency when trying to gear people out quickly to be competitive, an absolute loot council sometime leads to people feeling like favorites are being played and other small dramas, and DKP is a dead system for many reasons.

So we combined Loot Council with some luck. How we run things is we use RC Loot council addon to let people define each piece of gear as BIS, Major Upgrade, Minor Upgrade, Xmog, or pass. The officers then choose 2-3 people that they feel are best suited for that piece and those people roll. Winner of that roll gets the item. In this way you still get a nice dopamine hit of “winning” a piece of gear, the mundane system of knowing you are 4th in line for something and you will wait at least x raids to get a piece is gone, and the piece always goes to someone that is at least on the top 3 for who it would be most beneficial for. The officers use a combination of how much of an upgrade is for someone, their overall raid attendance, and how many pieces they have gotten recently, to roughly decide on who gets to roll on each piece. The only down side to this as we have found is that at first it was slow. But we have gotten very good at the system and everyone seems happy with it.


Guild Ranks:
Our ranks are simple:
Officer-we currently have 5
Mythic Raider- this rank is pretty fluid and the current top 3 Tanks, top 16 DPS, and top 5 healers have this rank, which allows them to see and use 2 special guild tabs that are stocked with consumables for raids for when you NEED them, say you are broke that week or need an extra couple augment runes, etc. They are also first right to refusal on mythic progression raid spots, and are eligible for the guild bank to fund a percentage of things like reagents for a Legendary etc
Member- Everyone gets this rank if you are not one of the above.


In non-progression fights we usually do a lot of in game gambling before each kill. Our main tank has an addon that curates this. It basically goes as follows:
Raid chat warning that we are about to gamble real gold and anyone that wants to participate hits “1” in chat along with the amount we are gambling, IE 50,000g etc
Next everyone /rolls that amount
Lowest rollpays the difference to highest roll.
Even if you do not gamble it is really fun way of passing the time between kills watching people lose/gain gold.


Code of Conduct
Finally, how we handle and curate behavior. Im just going to copy-paste the “letter from the GM” on our codes of conduct. We are probably different than just about any other guild on how we handle this. And mistakes are made here and there but for the most part this has been a successful system:

Adversity is Our Strength -- A message from the GM


Welcome To Remnant! We are a large group of people with the most diverse set of opinions, races, religions, politics, and just about anything else you can think of that people normally use to divide themselves. No matter who you are or what you believe in any of these categories if you look hard enough you will find someone here that couldn't agree with you more and someone here who couldn't disagree with you more. Up until recently, we have been winging it as far as having guidelines on how we would handle the inevitable conflicts that arise from housing such a diverse group of opinions and beliefs under one banner. So below is outlined some basic boundaries and guidelines to help make this place a fun home for everyone.

A lot of thought has been put into this. I believe that the most sensitive person should not have the last say on what is ok and what is not ok, but I also believe that the "everything goes" attitude is also not the healthiest choice for the guild either. Below is what I believe is a good middle ground and as everything else, is a work in progress and can and will be improved upon as experience dictates.



Mutual respect between players should always be shown. You don't need to respect someone's opinion, but you should respect them as a person. Meaning any conversations/debates/arguments that happen should never devolve into mean spirited personal attacks.


During raid and progression nights everyone should keep all banter to a "PG-13" rating and hot topics such as politics and religion should be left out completely. These are nights where everyone has the same goal and at best these topics being brought up while everyone needs to be in the same channel is a distraction and at worst can cause unneeded drama. Please also try to minimize banter and keep comms clear during pulls, especially on progression fights.


When smaller groups are in discord, especially groups that have known each other for a lifetime, spicy banter is permitted, but if someone feels uncomfortable they are free to let the other players know and ask to be accommodated, move channels, etc.


Spicy text banter and spicy memes are limited to two channels, one will be "Suicide watch" and the other "Sex, politics, and Religion". These channels are opt-in only and if you are one to be easily offended these channels are not for you. This will let each player dictate their own Remnant experience depending on their own preferences.

So in conclusion, if you are looking for a great band of misfits that you will grow to see as a warm little family that you murder dragons with in the evenings, come give us a shot.

Conatact any of the following on discord: