Reborn From Ashes

Horde Guild • Aegwynn • US • Retail


Hey Everyone!

A little bit about our guild.

Reborn From Ashes

Horde Guild, Aegwynn, US

December 21, 2020 by DeadlyPants

Last Update: 22 March 2023


Hey there! We are Reborn From Ashes, on Aegwynn and connected servers US Horde!

We are always recruiting, from brand new players, to vets who have been playing for years! We have a friendly and helpful player base, who are happy to answer question when they can.

We have multiple member with Keystone Hero, AOTC, as well as many top 10 players on the server. Our guild itself is currently ranked number 10 in our cluster on

Feel free to message me, Pïnky-Aegwynn, with any questions you may have about us! FOR THE HORDE!