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⋆ ReaperCrew ⋆ Alliance Guild | EU-Silvermoon, looking for CE Raiders

Greetings great heroes of Azeroth,

My name is Repsifu, friends call me Rep, and i’m the head of ⋆ ReaperCrew ⋆

ReaperCrew’s recruitment is open - looking for dedicated raiders , who are competent in raid, and focus on pushing their characters both inside and outside of raid.

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If your class is not listed, it does not mean we will not accept your application. We will accept all exceptional applicants, as our goal is to bring the best 20 into heroic and mythic raiding. We are NOT elitists.
Social people are welcomed, we encourage the guild meme’s

Raiding Times (server time) :

Invites: 7:45 PM sharp !
Tuesday: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM - progression raids
Thursday: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM - progression raids

Will usually not raid later than 11:00 PM, unless something is close to dying, 11:30 ST the most.

Saturday: 6:00 PM - 09:00 PM - social raids (normal/hc)

Guild Events :

M+ Keys (15’s - 20’s) - DAILY (we are doing a lot of keys)
Dungeons, PvP (arena mostly), BG’s (casual and rated) - TBD as a fixed event.

Guild Goals :

Our primary goal is to have fun in the game !
Beat every encounter in the game - our goals are almost always progress-oriented.
Stay competitive and stay one of the best guilds of the server.
Maintain the friendly atmosphere in the guild:
There is no QQ, no drama, no scams and no loot arguments.
We don’t scream on discord for people’s mistakes.
People are welcome to invite their friends in the guild to join our social ranks.

We expect mature and adult behavior from all our guildies .
Don’t over-recruit, even if it means we sometimes are a bit short on people, we keep our numbers reasonable.
Do guild achievements. (although our main goal is always progress)

Requirements :
If you wish to join our main raiding team , you will need:

To know your class very well (stats, rotations, etc.)
Around 475+ ilvl on your 1st Main, 90+ HoA artifact power.
Around 470+ ilvl on your 2nd Main, at least 85+ HoA artifact power.
Be able to cover at least 2 roles/specs, with decent gear and stats.
Be able to keep 2 Main characters geared at all times, for the main core raiding team.
Be able to attend 2 of 2 raid days every week / social raids on weekends (optional).
Show up to raids/events in time. (usually 15 minutes before start time)
Be prepared for raids and events (flasks, food, runes, consumables, etc.)
Be able to accept positive criticism, advices, etc.
A positive, progressive but mature mindset.
Mythic raiding experience, previous or current raid tier.

Required Addons for our Main team:

DBM or Bigwigs (we recommend the 2nd)
WeakAuras 2 (the RL / GM or Officers will provide WA’s for raids)
Exorsus Raid Tools
Angry Assignments

Discord_ software is mandatory for every raid, so make sure you have the voice application installed before attending raids.

What we expect from recruits :

⋆ Knowledge/Skills:
We expect very good performance on every level

Learn from your mistakes, but also from other people’s mistakes
Adapt to new situations and new tactics quickly
Know all the mechanics of your class and how to use them to their fullest as part of a team
Know about the encounters beforehand and how your abilities will fit into it and when

⋆ Dedication/Reliability:
-We only raid 2 nights (progression), which don’t give much room for standby or for over-recruit, so we expect as close to 2/2 as possible from everyone.
-Have a good PC and solid Internet connection. Don’t waste our time and yours if you have 5 FPS and d/c at every pull.
-Be ready for every encounter in terms of knowledge, consumables and extra gear sets if needed

⋆ Personal Traits:
-Team attitude. We are happy when you try to be as good as possible but you should always value the “good of the team” more then your personal achievements/gear

Mature people only (not age related)
-Raiding experience. We don’t expect you to have killed every boss out there, but you should have some good hard mode raiding experience
-Order of importance: ATTITUDE > SKILL > GEAR. If you fail on the first two, you will fail your trial.
-Able to communicate clearly in English, both in speaking and in writing (we use discord, having a microphone is a big plus but not obligatory - although it is 100% required for tanks)
-Mature attitude towards raiding. Wiping is part of the learning process in besting an encounter. If you don’t like wiping, you are probably playing the wrong game.

Be a decent human being and have fun with the people you play with. We want members who want to be with us for a long time. If you are interested in joining a multi-culture family and wish to enjoy the game in a new home, please add JohnnyofRC#2216 on battlenet.

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