Raven Age

Alliance Guild, Silvermoon, EU


Looking for a new Raidlead!

Our Guild is looking for a long term solution for the Raidlead position.

Raven Age

Alliance Guild, Silvermoon, EU

July 13, 2021 by Ulf

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Hello everyone o/

As you have already read in the title and the summary, our guild Raven Age is looking for a new raidleader who will take over that position in our raid on a long term base.

We do have a raidleader at the moment, but it is a temporary solution we have decided on as we don't have anyone who wants to fulfill that role long term.


We are not in a position where we are unstructured or without guidance in the raid because of it.

Our current raidleader has expressed to us that his personal goals and preference in the raid is not raidleading but he would rather like to focus on competing with the top DPS spots and wants to focus on improving further as a DPS. In my personal opinion there is nothing wrong with that.


We as a guild however are very happy to have him jump in and take over the raidleading at the moment for as long as we are looking for a long term solution.