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Dragonflight Season 3 Raid Guidelines

Going into Dragonflight Season 3, I want to remind our raiders of our Raid Guidelines. Please take a moment to read through them. [Amirdrassil: The Dream's Hope opens November 14th]

Raiders After Dark

Alliance Guild, Stormrage, US

November 8, 2023 by Nikiru for RAD Raiders - Season 3


Our raid is considered "Progressive Casual". This means that we will ensure we have Season 3 AOTC and then progress into Mythic, as long as we have 17 RAD members minimum w/ 3 pugs, however 20 of our own is ideal! Our main goal is to enjoy killing bosses and spending time with each other in a chill, non-toxic, no judgment environment.



Our raid days will change to Tuesday, Monday ― same time, 10pm - midnight PST.
Please be ready for invites at 9:45 pm PST for trash clear, so we can pull at raid start.
• All Raid Events will be posted in #✅│raid-sign-up.
Please remember to sign up with status, whether that be present or absent, as soon as you know, so we can plan with our attendance.
• Important info or raid polls will be in #📌│announcements.
Please check often for any votes we are taking, or any necessary information. Keep yourselves informed.


Loot Rules:

No Loot Spec switching between raid bosses will be accepted ― Example: If you are raiding as a DPS spec, changing your loot spec to grab gear for an off spec (such as healer or tank role) will be considered sabotage to the team.
Play for the team! ― We spend 4 hours a week together. If you have a slightly worse item than the drop but it's someone else's BiS, let them take it. It's for the team.
Patterns are to be rolled for crafters first, profit second ― If a pattern is not needed by anyone in the raid, it can be sold for profit, or donated to the guild bank for guild crafters.
• BoEs are yours and not expected to be traded or sold for the the guild or team.


Raider's Expectations:

• Raiders must meet item level requirements. More info will be posted later.
• Raiders need to be willing to learn and let others learn. Negative comments and vibes directly towards another member or the team will not be tolerated.
• Watch boss strategy videos before raid time, they're linked in #│raid-guides.
• Make sure you research your class / role's stat priority, BiS gear, enchants, etc.
• Raiders must have own flasks, runes, health potions, dps potions, and personal food buffs. Vantus runes for prog bosses we seem to be stuck on.

For more information on your class, here are some links:
Wowhead Class Guides
Icy Veins Class Guides
Method Class Guides
Subcreation Raid and M+ Gear / Talents Guides Raid and M+ Gear / Talents Guides

We are still in need of Flex Tanks & Healers, as always. If you have a DPS or Healer with a Tank or Heal offspec, please let me know.


If blasting through bosses while having fun, gearing, and progressing together sounds enjoyable to you, please sign up in #✅│raid-sign-up. See you all November 14th!

As always, if you have questions or comments please reach out to me or another officer.

Nikiru ― GM, Raiders After Dark