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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions, and their answers, as pertaining to our community.


Alliance Guild, Proudmoore, US

June 16, 2023 by Ayr


Got Questions? Have Answers!

We've been around for over seven years now, and over the years we've consistently improved our structure; however, that doesn't come without questions from you guys. In this document, you'll find a list of some of the most frequently asked questions, in addition to some generally helpful information, organized by category.

General Questions

Questions in this category don't necessarily fit in to a specific box, and generally pertain to the community as a whole.


Where do the names "Pixel Empire" and "Isometric" come from?

Secret! But if you can guess, we'll give you a cookie! 🍪


What games do you guys play?

Just about anything, really! We've got a pretty extensive "Other Games" channel in our Discord server, and our members are always looking for fun games to play. Our primary game is World of Warcraft, on which this community is based; however, over the years we've played the likes of 7 Days to Die, Terraria, Raft, Minecraft, PUBG, Fortnite, Diablo III, Diablo IV, Overwatch, and plenty more. Want to let us know what you play? Or maybe organize a group game night? Head on over to #other-games and start chatting!


I have an issue! How can I contact a staff member?

Tag us in the relevant place, or send one of us a private message. If your issue is with a staff member, contact Ayr directly.


I have a suggestion! Where can I talk about my idea?

Glad to hear it! Contact Ayr directly or send your idea to a staff member and they'll forward it along.


Can I invite my friends too? Even if they aren't interested in joining the guild?

Sure can - the more the merrier! If your friends are interested in joining the guild, absolutely feel free to invite them. If not and they just want to hang out, that's fine too! They will still have to go through the same verification process as regular guild members, but will be labeled with the "Guests" role instead. See #welcome for our permanent invite code.



Questions in this category pertain specifically to our Discord server and its format.


Why can't I see any text channels? Can you verify me?

Sure thing! In order to prevent spam attacks and malicious actors, we've restricted default access. Please view #verify for instructions.


I see people in X channel, can I join and chat?

Yep! We try to remain as inclusive as possible. Please keep in mind that if they're busy, they may ask you to quiet down or wait until they're done.


World of Warcraft

Questions in this category pertain specifically to our World of Warcraft guild (Isometric-Proudmoore).


How do I get promoted?

We don't have any standard criteria for promotions. As long as you're an active, helpful member of the community, they will come in due time. Please do not ask for a promotion unless you're prepared to plead your case, you will be ignored.

TL;DR - If we don't recognize you by name, you probably aren't going to get promoted.


Does the guild have an inactivity policy?

We do! In order to keep our numbers more accurate, and the guild more manageable as a whole, members whoa re inactive for 2+ months without prior notification will be removed. Going away for a bit? Just let us know and you'll be fine! Otherwise, if you get removed for inactivity, you're always welcome back.

Even if you're taking a break, you're always welcome to stay and keep in touch with us in Discord.