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Raiding with Us: Requirements & Expectations

An overview of general requirements and expectations for guild members planning to raid with us each tier.


Alliance Guild, Proudmoore, US

March 3, 2022 by Ayr

Last Update: 26 April 2023


Raiding: Requirements, Schedule & Expectations

The following document is meant to serve as a general guideline for those interested in raiding with the guild both on our progression roster, as well as with the casual runs that we do.

Raid Schedule

Unless there is a compelling reason to change it, our raiding schedule for the foreseeable future will remain the same. For those of you who are just joining us, we essentially have a "two-prong" system for raiding: progression and casual/learning. Until we are finished with normal, we will run as one roster with slightly relaxed requirements. Once we are ready to move on to heroic, we will form the heroic roster which will take over Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then begin scheduling our "casual/learning" nights on Saturdays for those of you who:

  • Aren't on the progression roster and would like to be. This is where you trial.
  • Aren't interested in progression but want to see the raid.
  • Are alts of progression raiders.
  • Are interested in learning how to raid or improve your performance.


Attendance & Sign-Ups

Unless you give some sort of advanced notice, consistent attendance is generally expected from those of you who are on the heroic progression roster. Furthermore, you should be signing up on the in-game calendar for all raids you plan on attending. Even if you aren't sure whether or not you'll make it, you should still, at minimum, sign up as tentative. If you do not sign up on the calendar, we cannot guarantee you an invite!

We use calendar sign-ups to gauge attendance, come up with viable group comps, and modify strategies depending on group experience. It's important to have this information early so we can plan accordingly and not waste any time during our already limited raid schedule.



Heroic Progression: Approval System

In the interest of maintaining a sustainable environment for progression, while trying to remain as inclusive as possible, we require that all heroic raiders be approved before joining the roster. In essence, what that means is that after we're done with normal progression, before raiding on Tuesdays and Thursdays with us, you will need to be approved.


Key Metrics for Approval

We aren't looking to "close off" raiding or gatekeep anybody. Anyone who continually meets our requirements will be approved for progression. That being said, we aren't looking for perfection - approval is given on a case-by-case basis and a lot is taken into account when deciding whether or not somebody is ready to progress with us. For example: If a player is lacking in their damage output, but has flawless mechanical performance, they may still be approved depending on the situation with our current roster.

Generally speaking, the non-exhaustive list of metrics for approval is as follows:

  • Damage Done (DPS): How much overall damage is the player in question doing? What about their burst? Are they tunneling the boss and ignoring mechanics in order to reach these numbers?
  • Healing Done (HPS): How capable is the healer in question of responding to large amounts of damage? What spells are they using? How effectively are they using their major cooldowns and externals? How active are they? What percentage of their healing is overhealing?
  • Mechanical Awareness: Is the player in question mechanically aware? What mistakes are they making, and how often? How much avoidable damage are they taking, and how much extra strain is this putting on the healers? Are they responding to criticism and making adjustments accordingly?
  • Attendance: How often is the player showing up for raid? Are they on time? Are they signing up on the calendar? In the event that they need to miss, are they letting us know?
  • Preparation: Is the player in question preparing properly for raids? Are they bringing the appropriate flasks, food, potions, weapon oils, etc. for their spec and role? Do they have knowledge of the fight mechanics as well as our specific strategies for them? Are they attentive and asking questions if they're confused about mechanics?
  • Attitude: In general, is the player in question a positive influence on the rest of the group? Will their position on our raid roster hinder progression due to negative attitude? When given criticism, does the player shut down? Is the player willing to help out their fellow raiders with questions, gear, etc.?

While these are primarily what we take into account when deciding on admission to the heroic roster, there may still be instances where the player in question checks off a lot of our boxes but may still not be approved. It's important to understand that, as stated previously, approval is made on a case by case basis! Regardless of reason, if you aren't approved for the heroic roster, we will always let you know why and give you a list of things to work on. We want to raid with you!


Approval: How to be Considered

Getting approved for the progression roster is a relatively simple process, and can be done multiply ways. Simply put, you can:

  1. Provide preexisting logs, via WarcraftLogs, that pertain to either current content (preferred) or similar content:
    • Current Content: Vault of the Incarnates (N/H/M), Mythic+ Dungeons (≥+10)
    • Old Logs: Not Currently Applicable
  2. Attend Saturday night raids or run dungeons with guild members so that raid staff can look at your performance in accordance with the aforementioned metrics.
  3. Join LFG VotI or M+ runs, upload the logs to WarcraftLogs, and provide them to us for review.



Expectations for Progression Raiders

Please keep in mind that approval is not a permanent status and can be revoked at any time. Approval is based on continual improvement and performance in accordance with the aforementioned key metrics, as well as adhering to our expectations.

Expectations for progression raiders are as follows:

  1. Raiders show up on time on raid nights unless they have standing obligations elsewhere. We start forming the group at 7:45 PM (PST), and ideally the first pull is as close to 8:00 PM (PST) as possible.
  2. Raiders bring relevant consumables that aren't being provided by the guild.
  3. Raiders show up with at least a general understanding of the fight mechanics and our strategies.
  4. Raiders ask questions freely when they are confused about something.
  5. Raiders use Discord for the duration of the raid. No microphone is required.
  6. Raiders download and use the following required addons:
    • Boss Mods (Choose One)
      • BigWigs + LittleWigs (Preferred)
      • Deadly Boss Mods
    • Method Raid Tools
      • While not useful for every boss fight, we will use this addon to distribute important notes pertaining to strategy. (Ex: Interrup torders.)
    • WeakAuras
      • If you can make your case for not utilizing guild-provided WeakAuras, please do so; however, please understand that if your lack of aura use is quantifiably hindering progression, you'll be asked to import them or step out.
    • RCLootCouncil


Constructive Criticism & The Bench

As stated previously, approval isn't a permanent status. If your performance consistently falls below our expectations, you will be asked to sit on the bench until you improve, and we ask that instead of getting angry or upset about it, you take it as an opportunity to step back and examine your performance. Being on the bench does not mean you cannot attend the Saturday night raids once those start - in fact, you're encouraged to. It gives us a way to monitor your performance and help fix mechanical issues in a slower, more relaxed environment. There are plenty of people and tools available to help you with your class, spec, raid mechanics, and so on. All you need to do is reach out and ask for help!

"There's no such thing as a dumb question, only a dumb reason to cause a wipe."

If you are on the progression roster, be expected to be told what you're doing wrong when you make mistakes. It's all a part of progression. You won't be singled out or shamed, but in order for you to improve, you have to know where your mistakes are being made, right? We use WarcraftLogs, Wipefest, and WoWAnalyzer for all of our runs - we know when mistakes are made, and who makes them. Own them! Don't get defensive or angry if you're called out of rmaking a mistake - ask questions about it. We want to foster a positive environment here where everyone can feel comfortable with asking questions when they need to.

Point being - you will not be benched or denied approval without knowing why, please do not think that we are just going to toss you aside. We want you to raid with us!



Consumables & Guild Bank

Our goal every tier is to be able to sustainably provide primary consumables to all of our progression roster raiders so that everyone can worry more about mechanics than dealing with finding or making their consumables. Bolded red items are intended to be provided by the guild, and the other items are still recommended for raiding but are not directly provided by the guild:

  • Potions*
  • Feasts
  • Phials (Flasks)*
  • Health / Mana Potions
  • Weapon Enhancements
  • Enchants

* Supply varies depending on availability.

Depending on current stock in the guild bank, the list of provided consumables can and will change. The more that guild members farm and donate, the more that we will be able to provide for everybody.

How to Contribute

We understand that not everyone has the time to go out and farm materials throughout the week, and that's okay. There are plenty of meaningful ways that you can contribute to our progression roster, such as:

  • Gold Donations: We need gold to be able to provide repairs to everyone. Additionally, we can use gold to supplement materials for consumables that we don't have currently in stock.
  • Purchasing Materials: Don't have time to run around and fish or pick herbs? Snag a stack or two off of the auction house and throw it in the guild bank!
  • Farming: If you've got extra time on your hands and don't mind farming for materials the old fashioned way, feel free!

In order for us to keep doing this, we need everyone to chip in! We don't want to have to schedule dedicated farming nights, so if you have some free time, any and all donations of gold, materials, and consumables would be greatly appreciated. The last tab of the guild bank, labeled "Donate Here", serves as a dropbox for any and all donations.


Holding Your Own

Regardless of the fact that we plan on providing as many consumables as possible, raiders are still expected to be able to hold their own in the event that we cannot do so. Please keep consumables ready in the event that we are not able to adequately provide for the entire raid on a given night. Please don't expect us to provide all of your consumables, just be pleasently surprised when we do!



Loot Rules

In order to facilitate the distribution of unwanted or extra loot in a timely manner, we require all guild raiders regardless of roster to have the RCLootCouncil addon installed. We do not run typical "Loot Council" rules, and there is no actual council deciding who gets what piece. We use the addon purely to make handing out those extra pieces faster.

Loot will be distributed according to the following system:

Main Spec > Off Spec >= Sidegrade > Mog/Other

The only difference between this and a traditional "/roll" system is that the addon will handle everything internally - there is no need to roll in chat, you just click a button corresponding to how you want to roll on a given item. No configuration necessary - all you need to do is install it and forget about it until raid night!




This general progression system is used by plenty of guilds, so it shouldn't be entirely unfamiliar to most of you. Regardless, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Ayr. We would much rather you voice your concerns and get your questions answered than for you to be confused or upset about being benched.