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Community Charter

In this post you will find our community charter that outlines who we are, what we do, and what our expectations of our members are.


Alliance Guild, Proudmoore, US

June 29, 2021 by Ayr

Last Update: 16 June 2023


Who We Are

Pixel Empire started as a World of Warcraft guild (Isometric-Proudmoore) and was founded on March 12th, 2016. We originally started as a small group of friends, who had known each other for years, coming together on a new server to have fun. Quickly thereafter, we decided it was time to expand our little community, and thus, it started to become what it is today.

Our Mission

We strive to provide a great experience for all that have the desire to be a part of our community. In doing so, our aim is to maintain as inclusive and welcoming of an environment for our members as possible. At our core, we are one big family. We believe that a community should be built on more than just games - we are held together through the friends that we make, and the memories we create.

Our Communities

World of Warcraft: Isometric (Proudmoore-US, Alliance)

Diablo III: Pixel Empire (NA)

Destiny 2: Pixel Empire (NA)

Steam: Pixel Empire

GTA Online: Pay No Mind

With such a diverse community, it is necessary for us to have some sort of structure in place to allow for everything to run smoothly. We expect all of our members to agree to, and abide by, the following community charter.


Being a part of this community is a privilege, not a right. Said privilege can be revoked at any time, for any reason. If you cannot or do not want to abide by the rules outlined herein, then this community is not for you. As a member of this community, you are also an ambassador for this community. Your actions as an individual can and will affect our reputation as a while. Act with respect toward those around you, regardless of setting.


It is impossible for us to cover every situation in this document, and thus it is important for you to use common sense when acting within our community. If a staff member deems an action to be rule-breaking, they will act upon it accordingly. Staff decisions are final. Ayr reserves the right to take any and all actions necessary within this community.


Respect one another. We have a zero-tolerance policy for prejudice, bullying, flaming, or arguments. This is a safe space for members from all walks of life. No political- or religious-based discussions. That being said, some topics of discussion may not be considered "family-friendly", and we will not go out of our way to censor conversations that are not either rule-breaking or blatantly offensive.


This community has a zero-tolerance policy regarding drama. Do not start it, do not participate in it. If you have an issue with another member, either resolve it privately or contact a staff member. If you have an issue with a staff member, contact Ayr directly.


Spamming any community channel is strictly prohibited. Do not spam characters or emojis in community chats, and do not use excessive caps.


This community has a zero-tolerance policy regarding advertising and poaching. Unless prior approval from a staff member has been obtained, you will not advertise other communities, fundraisers, or events within our community and within games in which we have a presence. Furthermore, you may not beg for currency or items within our communities. Not only is it incredibly distasteful, but our members are generous enough that it would be rude for you to even ask.


When using community channels, such as Discord, read channel topics before you post. Keep discussions to their designated place and stay on topic unless in an off-topic channel. Furthermore, please do not interrupt or bother members if you have nothing of value to add to the conversation that is currently taking place.


Think before you post. As stated before, we are a diverse community with members from all age groups. NSFW (18+) content is strictly prohibited outside of their designated channels and outlets. Any and all forms of nudity, gore, and/or illegal content ("NSFL"), regardless of where posted, are strictly prohibited. If it violates Discord Terms of Service, it isn't welcome here.


Be yourself, not somebody else. Do not impersonate anyone, especially staff members, for any reason whatsoever. When using our social platforms, use common sense when conducting yourself.

As stated in the Preamble, as a member of this community, you are also an ambassador for this community. While you are not permitted to act on behalf of the community, you're still representing us. Your actions as an individual can and will affect our reputation as a whole. Act with respect toward those around you, regardless of setting.


Use common sense. If you don't think you should do something, you probably shouldn't! Try to contribute some form of positivity to our community. Everyone has bad days, and venting is okay - but members who seem consistently negative, critical, condescending, bitter, combative, etc. may be approached by our staff for a conversation. If the behavior continues, appropriate action will be taken. We strive to create a friendly, active, and inclusive environment for everybody.