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EXSOV Recruiting Phase 1 Welcome to our page, testing out this site. Some guild background. Recruiting Info.
Addition Guild Info Would you like to know more?
SoH Discord! The launch of the SoH discord server.
Regelwerk Wir, Gilde „Spellforce“, sind eine semi-progress orientierte Raid-Gilde auf dem EU Realm „Blackmoore“. Die Größe der Gilde richtet sich nach den Erfordernissen des Raids und wurde dazu gegründet um den mystischen Schwierigkeitsgrad zu beweltigen.
Phoenix Synergy We are looking for core raiders and M+
Patch 8.3 ttps://
SetSailForEpicfail Vi är en Svensk guild på realmen Draenor och vi söker sköna lirare!
Looking for people Hey all we are looking for new members to join us and leveling and dungeons
Glory of the Legion raider For our Guild Christmas Party
Hivemind run Some of the guildies did a Hivemind run, our raid leader Manbooty is becoming quiet the pro at leading these groups :D
FOR THE HORDE! if you are looking for a place to call home in the world of Azeroth consider joining our family, we are active and we do our best to be friendly and helpful! we are all looking to have a good time and no one wants to adventure alone - so why not call this guild home!
Looking for DH Looking for Demon Hunter DPS.
Riding the sleigh in Stormwind as Horde! What's more fun then having some holiday fun and riding the sleigh in Orgrimmar during Winter Veil? -- Riding the sleigh after sapping a bunch of people in Stormwind as Horde! A bunch of guildies got together for some WPVP fun over the holidays!
Guidelines Paragon Guild Guidelines & Policies
Welcome! Naughty Secrets Guild Information
We are recruiting! Reformed Semi-hardcore guild. We are group of players with Heroic/Mythic raiding exp. Our goal is to clear every tier of mythic raiding from 8.3 We are recruiting every role. We can gear you fast in mythic+ if you need it to get up to our raid.
Our Raiding Environment Our raiding environment is one that is welcoming and inclusive. We are a causal raid but are very serious about getting boss kills and pushing content. Our raid leader is currently 5/8 heroic Eternal Palace with years of leading raids. We have mentor-ship for anyone that wants help with their spec
US] [H] [Boulderfist] <Infeste Nex> H 8/8 Recruiting For 8.3 Ny'alotha New Content Recruiting
A Crossroads It's been a challenging year...
Welkom Welkom op HET GILDE HUIS pagina. Laat wa leuks achter en wie weet spreken we elkaar ingame. Groeten erick
Eternal Palace Raid Achievements Done Our run through Eternal Palace for the Glory of the Eternal Raider
Happy Thanksgiving! We're making the week non-mandatory so everyone can spend time with their families and enjoy turkey!
Guilds Day Spirits of Honor is founded today.
Recruiting! Recruiting all ACTIVE levels. Building our core 120 group.
Guild Info Required Reading
A small step... Welcome to AMU, stay tuned as the guild is constructed and feel free to ask for help in the meantime. We are creating a discord server for it and still hashing out the details on what to expect from this guild.
<Organized Crime> Is Looking For You Currently recruiting heals and DPS for heroic farm and mythic progression.
Anniversary Raid Anniversary raid Guild run
Setting up for 8.3 We've been busy leveling all manners of things, getting keys done and farming! Its been a long week, but I can't wait until Wednesday hits!
Welcome! Welcome to Utopian Nightmare! We're a brand new horde guild on Kazzak-EU.
seeking guild members est guild that is really just wanting to be a guild looking for you .. in need of all role and lvls ..
Meta walks into EP! Meta walks into The Eternal Palace for the first time and grabs 6/8H. Time to work on the last two bosses!
Raiding With Class Are you looking for a raiding guild that progresses heroic and gearing up for mythic but don't want the drama or 2nd job requirements? Look no further, Justice has you covered. Active Discord, multiple games too!
Mythic Raiding EP We are currently actively recruiting for Ranged DPS that have heals off spec a plus and Healers with dps off spec. Raid times are Heroic EP Fri 5pm-8pm pst/Mythic EP Sat/Sun 6pm-8pm server time. Currently building our core base for Mythic raiding Currently 8/8H 1/8M EP. We take our raiding serious,
Lets get ready for 8.3! Recruiting all types of raiders for 8.3!
WORLD FIRST! HORDE GNOME! <Cryptic> has many Horde races...and a gnome!
Recruiting Now Warmode Enabled is now recruiting for raid and Mythic plus spots!
Welcome to Legion Welcome message to all visitors!
<Cryptic> 3/8 M Eternal Palace Recruiting for Season 4! <Cryptic> is looking for more people!
Looking to finish raid roster! Hybrid-Turalyon is looking for fill our raid roster to 20 dedicated raiders, Also looking for mythic plus players to continue to push keys 15+
Guild Fun Run For Uldir Achievements and Mount Glory of The Uldir Raider Achievement.
Heroic Eternal Palace cleared! After a just a few raids we have ended the reign of the evil fish queen. Overall with a full guild group we took around 16 pulls to down Azshara which is quite nice.
M Ashvane Down! Crucial has downed M Ashvane!
Who is Defiant? Question of the year.
2019 Guild Photo Thank you for the ones who were able to make it out to the front Gates of Org. For our guild photos. I know several couldn’t make it but there is always next year!
Congratulations Septenary! Top Alliance Havoc DH H Za'Qul
Talk with Transceñd We are an Alliance Mythic Raiding Guild 4/8 M Eternal Palace, currently seeking a few more like-minded individuals to join our mythic core team. We are new to Stormrage and we look forward to meeting new people and building our wonderful community up. Please feel free to reach out for more info. Ty
Recrutement ouvert Prio heal et dps
<Cryptic> and <Hollowed> join forces <Cryptic> and <Hollowed> both US-Illidan combine to push Mythic content
[A][US-Hellscream] <Hogger Ate My Sandwich> 4/8M T/W/TH 8-10:30 CST Recruiting <Hogger Ate My Sandwich> BoD - 9/9 (M) CE - Hellscream/Zangarmarsh is a 4/8 Mythic EP Alliance Guild actively recruiting Solid DPS!
[EU] [H] [Tarren-Mill] <March of the Murlocs> Recruiting everything [RAIDING/SOCIAL] We’re based on Tarren Mill & are recruiting everything at this time. Goal is to grow the community to get some group play going (M+, Mythic Raiding, Social interactions, guild events…) . Grlllu mrgm ffr mrkng Mmmurlok mmmrrglllm!
Ministry of Defense We are a mythic progression guild on the Aerie Peak realm, horde side. We offer an adult friendly, non-toxic guild environment. We are looking for casual players, pvpers, and mythic raiders. Also have a website and discord server.
Heroic Eternal Palace September 12th <Cryptic> US-Illidan teams with <Hollowed> US-Illidan to clear Heroic Eternal Palace!
Heroic BOD - AotC Annunaki Heroic BOD kill
Heroic TEP - AotC Annunaki heroic kill
We Have now moved to Stormrage Hello there, We will be running a Heroic EP trial run (September 10, 2019) to fill a few mythic core positions that are open. We are new to Stormrage coming from Turalyon.
<Cryptic> US-Illidan 1/8 Mythic Recruiting <Cryptic> is recruiting for Mythic Eternal Palace progression!
"Cleavopatra Entered The Game" by Lemoon An edited video of an raid highlights from Azshara's Eternal Palace. Edited by Lemoon.
Recruiting! We are recruiting!