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Heroic Jaina Kill Guild members get AOTC
Raid Team Raid team break...
Yellow is the new Green! All great things come to an end, but with an end comes new beginning.
Scripted encounter <Scripted Encounter> is lead by a core of 7/9m raiders looking to rebuild after transferring. Looking to push back into mythic content, raid days are m/t/w 8-11pm est. Looking for a healthy mix of melee and range dps, healers.
Welcome! Big ol Critties is now recruiting all roles for all endgame activities
RIP Mythic Opulence Crucial Downs Mythic Opulence!!!
What a Week This week.
June Update, 2019 An update on the state of Panda House!
Discord Join in the conversation and chat in Discord.
1st batch of raids 1st steps into raiding
BoD HC Complete! Jaina has now been added to the rosta of the dead!
Weekly Events Murlurkers has something going on every day of the week! All events start around 5pm server.
Guild Rules There are 4 guild topics that will be covered (1. Basic Behavior, 2. Attendance, 3. Ranks and their expectations, 4. Repercussions)
Tuesday/Thur Raiding 8:30/9 pm EST. We are always looking for experienced and fun people to Raid with us. Feel free to swing by our discord if you are ever looking for something to do on Tuesday and Thursday night
We want you! We are a progress-driven guild of friendly people that raids Tuesday 4PM - 7PM PST // Wednesday 4PM - 7PM PST and Friday 5PM -8PM PST (all realm times). Most, if not all raid consumables are provided nightly for raids, as well as guild repair.
[A][EU][Blade's Edge] <ONLY THE BRAVES> Rise from Ashes- LF Casual Adults 25+ <ONLY THE BRAVES> "It's not what stands in front of you, it's who stands besides you."
Open Recruitment Mindless Violence is now actively recruiting on US Zul Jin
Glorious Crew A group of players, having fun, working on progression and not taking ourselves too seriously. Just serious enough to get things done!
Team Pink is Recruiting Team Pink is Recruiting
Another one bites the dust! (or sea) Stormwall has now been added to the list of down bosses!
Mekka down! Well done to all guildies for killing Mekka!
Perpetual, EU Lightbringer/Mazrigos *Alliance We are looking for friendly players who like to lvl solo or play with friends.
Welcome Welcome, Current and future members! Lets have some fun!
<Battle Scars> EU - Twisting Nether, Horde <Battle Scars> is a semi-casual community-oriented Guild on EU - Twisting Nether currently actively looking for more people to join our ranks and revive our roster.
The War Coucil Guild Leadership
Discord & Facebook Ways to connect with us!
Community Stay in contact with us even if you are not in our guild!
Raids We are a come as you can guild and prefer a no drama atmosphere while we raid
we downed stormwall! took a bit but we did it
Our Raid Team For 8.2 A breakdown of our current raid team, as of Crucible Of Storms, going into The Rise Of Azshara.
This Just In Next Raffle Prizes
Guild Update on the guild.
Alfheim vs Mythic Opulence Mythic Opulence first kill
Alfheim vs Mythic Conclave of the Chosen Mythic Conclave of the Chosen First Kill
Alfheim vs Mythic Rastakhan Mythic Rastakhan First Kill
First Post Lets try this out...