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Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void, Crucible of Storms Down!! (4/20/2019) Congrats to PW:P for their kill of Uu'nat (N) our first night in the new raid!
Restless Cabal, Crucible of Storms Down!! (4/20/2019) Congrats to PW:P for their kill of the Restless Cabal (N) our first night in the new raid!
Valiant Serenity Recruiting Valiant Serenity Recruiting
Intact - Bring your best memes! Guild with memes and plenty of dark humor. Ah yea we are also 9/9 on Jaina ^^
brains of the smoothest quality welcome / description
Its Bloodlust Not Hero Recruiting adults now for raiders, M+ or just casual play.
LF fun loving cheeky sarcastic silly guildies Ratchet Waste Management is reviving its guild after being pretty inactive for a year.
Guild Raffle Raffling off a 30-slot Deep Sea Bag and two 24-slot Silkweave Satchels. Tickets cost 1 gold each, and you can have a maximum of 30 tickets. Please deposit funds in guild bank. Drawing to be held May 4th at 1pm Realm Time.
The NEW Team Green - 6/9H (Battle of Dazar'alor) in its second night of raiding. Team Green goes 6/9 H on their 2nd raid night.
Shadow Raiders Volunteering to be a raider for our guild gets you additional benefits, including: access to the Raider's Cache bank tab, a daily paycheck, and automatic entry into the guild lottery.
Gift of Hekate Lottery The Gift of Hekate draws every other Saturday at 1PM realm time. Starting Jackpot: 1000 gold Ticket Price: 25 silver (limit of 10 tickets/player) How to Enter: deposit 25 silver per ticket into the guild bank
Jaina Proudmoore Down!! Battle of Dazar'alor Clear!! (April 6, 2019) Congrats to all for our first clear of Battle of Dazar'alor! Jaina Proudmoore has been defeated.
Ipso Facto (IF) (Alliance - Cenarion Circle/Sisters of Elune) What we are. What we do. What we need.
Stormwall Blockade Down! (03/31/2019) Our first kill of Stormwall Blockade was on 3/31/2019
Champions of Light (Heroic) Down!! Heroic Champions of Light Down!
Mekkatorque Down! (3/23/19) Our first kill of Mekkatorque was on 3/23/2019
Rastakhan Down!! (Mar 16, 2019) Our fist kill of Rastakhan was on 3/16/2019
Conclave of the Chosen Down!! (Mar 16, 2019) Our first kill of Conclave of the Chosen was on 3/16/2019
Opulence Down!! (Feb 17, 2019) Our first kill of Opulence was on 2/2/2019
Jadefire Masters Down!! (Feb 2, 2019) Our first kill of Jadefire Masters was on 2/2/2019
Grong, the Jungle Lord Down!! (Feb 2, 2019) Our first kill of Grong was on 2/2/2019
Champions of Light Down!! (Feb 2, 2019) Champions of Light within the Battle of Dazar'alor raid down
RIP Mythic Grong! RIP Mythic Grong! Congratulations Crucial on your 3/16 Mythic Grong kill!!!!!
Utilisation de Discord Règles d'utilisation de Discord
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Les leaders Les principaux membres actifs de la guilde.
Welcome Bound To Fail was created a little over a month ago when a few friends server transferred to start our own home.
We are recruiting for Mythic progression! We are looking for people to join our raiding team as we progress through Battle of Dazar'alor. We are currently open for all roles with a priority on ranged dps and healers.
Guild Updates Summary of changes to <Cryptic> US-Illidan 1/9M 4 March 2019
What we offer to raiders As well as a chilled, fun environment and opportunities to see the latest mythic raid content, we also offer practical help to members of our raid team.
What we expect from raiders We're chilled and fun, but we also need some rules to ensure that we make the most of our progress time. Read up on what we expect from our raiders here.
Weekly Update! Great job this week everyone!
Stormwall Blockade Normal/Heroic Guide Simplified Guide for Stormwall Blockade
Calling all Raiders! Looking for a new guild?
First Raid Great job tonight guys we cleared the first 4 bosses on our first attempt, just dungeon journal and straight in.
Greetings from Sunny Atal'Dazar! Hello from Cryptic! Watch for daily guild activities.
Welcome to the Guild Webpage Welcome to the page.
Recruiting We're currently recruiting players for PVE and PVP events.
History and Philosophy The guilds long history and what we are all about.
Guild details/Recruitment More information on the history of the guild itself.
Vectus to 1% We almost had him!
Fallen Leaves The shadows of the past were laid aside, and as quietly as they had left, two travelers to the Caverns of Time returned. Mere moments had passed for them, but the world had traveled years forward without them, and the hatreds of the past had risen to imperil them once again.
My Life as Guild Master Ep.1 This is a recap of the information covered in this week's episode of My Life as Guild Master.
Happy Holidays From Cryptic Raiding! A holiday greeting and notes from the Officers of Cryptic and the Cryptic Raiding Community.
Battle Report: 11/13/18 Tuesday PvP Results.
State of the Guild We're back in the game and moving forward!
Recruitment! Current recruitment needs.