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Welcome Back! Newish/Oldish Cryptic Updates and Stuff (Please fix your game Blizzard)
Guild Charter All the info on the Guild can be found here!
Llama Squad Welcomes You! Welcome to our Guild
Raid Core openings Current Raid Content, (TEP) Progressive.
A new way to be in a Guild We are currently recruiting not only members to our home server but to our discord community.
Queen Azshara (Eternal Palace [N] Boss 8) Down! [8/10/2019] - Eternal Palace [N] Cleared! Congrats to PW:P for killing Azshara in the Eternal Palace [N]. The Eternal Palace has been cleared. Next stop, Heroic!
RIP Mythic Sivara! Congratulations to Crucial on our first Mythic kill of the Eternal Palace raid tier! Mythic Sivara downed!
Welcome! Welcome to Armchair Generals!
August Update! Ton's going on in Ex Inferno!
Justice Is Looking for More Are you looking for a long term home? We'll look no further! Justice (5/8H) has been around since Wrath and for the last 2 expansions have been a solid 2-night heroic raiding guild. We are looking for some more peeps to fill out our roster.
"Ashvane UwU" by Lemoon An edited video of our first kill of Lady Ashvane, Normal. Edited by Lemoon_UwU.
August Update, 2019 An update on the state of Panda House!
Za'qul, Harbinger of Ny'alotha (Eternal Palace [N] Boss 7) Down! [8/3/2019] Congrats to PW:P for killing Za'qul in the Eternal Palace [N]. Next stop Azshara, then we start Heroic!
Our Aims Hi there - basic aims for this guild just to give you a better overview!
The Queen's Court (Eternal Palace [N] Boss 6) Down! [7/27/2019] Congrats to PW:P for killing The Queen's Court in the Eternal Palace! Za'qul is next!
"We have been bad girls" by Lemoon An edited video of our first kill of Radiance Of Azshara, Normal. Edited by Lemoon_UwU.
Hard Mode Operation: Mechagon Cleared Finally got down Hard Mode King Mechagon! Envy's first guild group to clear the Hard Mode megadungeon. Congrats to Flux who got the first exclusive mount!
Classic Leveling Groups! At launch we'll be grouping up to knock out quests together as we push out of our starting zones and into the world (of warcraft!)
ShadowCo The Shadow Collective is a casual, but competitive raiding guild on the combined servers of Korialstrasz and Eldre'Thalas. We pride ourselves on being one of the friendliest guilds in the game. When you join us, you join our family.
Recruiting! Dont Release Is filling its CORE!
Another raid week down! Another raid week down!
"Under The Sea!" by Lemoon An edited video of our first kill of Blackwater Behemoth, Normal. Edited by Lemoon_UwU.
Orgozoa (Eternal Palace [N] Boss 5) Down! [7/20/2019] Congrats to PW:P for killing Orgozoa in Eternal Palace.
Lady Ashvane ([N] Eternal Palace Boss 4) Down!! [7/20/2019] Congrats to PW:P for killing Lady Ashvane in the Eternal Palace
Welcome Welcome Everyone!
We want you! We are looking for you! We want some mythic capable raiders!
What to expect when you're expecting Guild Experiences. This is what we are all about... Creating in-game Experiences that add to the magic of World of Warcraft. What's better than good graphics and excellent story-line? The Social aspect of gaming TOGETHER!
Radiance of Azshara (Eternal Palace Boss 3) Down! [7/13/2019] Congrats to PW:P for killing Radiance of Azshara in the Eternal Palace.
Blackwater Behemoth (Eternal Palace Boss 2) Down! [7/13/2018] Congrats to PW:P for our second kill in The Eternal Palace! First night in the raid, two bosses down!
Abyssal Commander Sivara (Eternal Palace Boss1 ) Down! [7/13/2019] Congrats to PW:P for our first kill in The Eternal Palace! First Night in the raid, one boss down!
First Raid Night First night after day change!
8.2 Guild Recruitment Currently Recruiting for 8.2 Content and moving forward.
Heroic Jaina Kill Guild members get AOTC
Raid Team Raid team break...
Yellow is the new Green! All great things come to an end, but with an end comes new beginning.
Scripted encounter <Scripted Encounter> is lead by a core of 7/9m raiders looking to rebuild after transferring. Looking to push back into mythic content, raid days are m/t/w 8-11pm est. Looking for a healthy mix of melee and range dps, healers.