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M Ashvane Down! Crucial has downed M Ashvane!
Who is Defiant? Question of the year.
2019 Guild Photo Thank you for the ones who were able to make it out to the front Gates of Org. For our guild photos. I know several couldn’t make it but there is always next year!
Congratulations Septenary! Top Alliance Havoc DH H Za'Qul
Talk with Transceñd We are an Alliance Mythic Raiding Guild 4/8 M Eternal Palace, currently seeking a few more like-minded individuals to join our mythic core team. We are new to Stormrage and we look forward to meeting new people and building our wonderful community up. Please feel free to reach out for more info. Ty
Recrutement ouvert Prio heal et dps
<Cryptic> and <Hollowed> join forces <Cryptic> and <Hollowed> both US-Illidan combine to push Mythic content
[A][US-Hellscream] <Hogger Ate My Sandwich> 4/8M T/W/TH 8-10:30 CST Recruiting <Hogger Ate My Sandwich> BoD - 9/9 (M) CE - Hellscream/Zangarmarsh is a 4/8 Mythic EP Alliance Guild actively recruiting Solid DPS!
[EU] [H] [Tarren-Mill] <March of the Murlocs> Recruiting everything [RAIDING/SOCIAL] We’re based on Tarren Mill & are recruiting everything at this time. Goal is to grow the community to get some group play going (M+, Mythic Raiding, Social interactions, guild events…) . Grlllu mrgm ffr mrkng Mmmurlok mmmrrglllm!
Ministry of Defense We are a mythic progression guild on the Aerie Peak realm, horde side. We offer an adult friendly, non-toxic guild environment. We are looking for casual players, pvpers, and mythic raiders. Also have a website and discord server.
Heroic Eternal Palace September 12th <Cryptic> US-Illidan teams with <Hollowed> US-Illidan to clear Heroic Eternal Palace!
Heroic BOD - AotC Annunaki Heroic BOD kill
Heroic TEP - AotC Annunaki heroic kill
We Have now moved to Stormrage Hello there, We will be running a Heroic EP trial run (September 10, 2019) to fill a few mythic core positions that are open. We are new to Stormrage coming from Turalyon.
<Cryptic> US-Illidan 1/8 Mythic Recruiting <Cryptic> is recruiting for Mythic Eternal Palace progression!
"Cleavopatra Entered The Game" by Lemoon An edited video of an raid highlights from Azshara's Eternal Palace. Edited by Lemoon.
Recruiting! We are recruiting!
Mythic Raiders! <Cryptic> US-Illidan pushes through and defeats Mythic Abyssal Commander Sivara
September Update, 2019 An update on the state of the guild going into September, 2019.
Current Guild Focus What we're working on right now.
Core Mítico / "O Palácio Eterno" A Guild "The King Slayers" está invitando players para seu core de "O Palácio Eterno" 8/8 HC. 1/8 Mitc, Raids de terça a quinta das 21h-23h. Fazemos M+ todos os dias.
Core Raiders LF New Raiders (All skill levels welcome)
Mechagon guild run completed :) First time for everyone in Mechagon and really enjoyed by all.
Up and running with dungeons and M+! We're still building our roster for raiding but have started regular dungeon runs which have been fun.
{Heroic} Radiance of Azshara Defeated! 8/18/2019 Congrats to CL weekend team for downing Radiance of Azshara on Heroic!
{Heroic} Blackwater Behemoth Defeated! 8/18/2019 Congrats to CL weekend team for downing Blackwater Behemoth on Heroic!
{Heroic} Commander Sivara Defeated! 8/11/2019 Congrats to CL weekend team for downing Commander Sivera on Heroic!
[Normal} Queen Azshara Defeated! 8/15/2019 the Queen went down!
[Heroic] Radiance of Azshara Down! [8/17/2019] Congrats to PW:P for killing Radience of Azshara in [Heroic] Eternal Palace.
[Heroic] Blackwater Behemoth Down! [8/17/2019] Congrats to PW:P for killing Blackwater Behemoth in [Heroic] Eternal Palace.
[Heroic] Abyssal Commander Sivara Down! [8/17/2019] Congrats to PW:P for killing Abyssal Commander Sivara in [Heroic] Eternal Palace.
<Cryptic> is Ahead of the Curve! On Sunday, some brave souls from <Cryptic> went in and defeated the Queen of the Naga. There are rumors of some Mythic time as well.
Welcome Back! Newish/Oldish Cryptic Updates and Stuff (Please fix your game Blizzard)
Guild Charter All the info on the Guild can be found here!
Llama Squad Welcomes You! Welcome to our Guild
Raid Core openings Current Raid Content, (TEP) Progressive.