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Raid Sign Up (FAQ)

If you haven't used wowaudit before, there's nothing to worry. In this post, you will find some frequent questions that guild mates have raised. As always, feel free to reach out to the team if something is not covered by the below.


Alliance Guild, Argent Dawn, EU

March 14, 2022 by charistas

Last Update: 15 June 2022


How to sign up for the first time?

To be able to login to wowaudit using your account, enable the Share Game Data option under the Privacy & Communication tab.

It might take up to a day for the API data to get updated so be patient. Prophecy's data in wowaudit are updated every 10 minutes so be certain that your user in wowaudit will become accessible as soon as Blizzard updates their own data.

How can I notify the guild when I can't attend a raid?

By default, the Raid Calendar is set to have all Raiders be Present, which means that when you cannot attend a raid, you have to actively set yourself as Absent.

To do so, visit the Calendar page in wowaudit, select the relevant raid, and use the Presence dropdown menu to choose Absent. Make sure that the Comment field is also filled up before selecting Save to give a short statement as to why you cannot make it. The statement doesn't have to be detailed, stuff like "late because of work" or "IRL conflict" are good enough.

In the event that something has come up and you have to miss multiple raids in a row, it is advised to also reach out to the Raid Leader in Discord or in-game.

Of course, our warning system applies to the above. If you do not show up while set as Present, you will accumulate a warning in accordance with our Warning System.

Where can I find roster information?

An audit summary of every Prophecy member is available in Google Sheets.That spreadsheet is automatically updated and includes all the latest information, such as how many dungeons someone has completed, which items they have equipped and how much they have progressed in The Enlightened reputation.

The data that are displayed there are what become available through Blizzard's APIs, but to access the spreadsheet you have to be signed in to wowaudit.

Where else can I get help from?

Since wowaudit is a third-party service, there may be times when even guild mates might not know the answer to a question regarding its functionality. In those cases, reach out to the developers behind it, in the WoW Audit Spreadsheet | Discord.