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Guild Rules

These are the rules that we expect all of our members to follow. Updated 18/02/2022.


Alliance Guild, Argent Dawn, EU

September 11, 2021 by Ziami

Last Update: 24 February 2023



  1. Treat everyone respectfully. Use common sense. Respect each other’s boundaries. Listen and adapt if you are asked to stop a certain behavior.
  2. No discussion of controversial topics. Avoid comments related to topics such as race, gender, religion, politics, sexuality. If discussions concerning these points do come up, take it to our discussion channel on Discord, and be civil about it. We have different opinions and world views. Be aware of that. Further discussions conflicting with our rules should be taken to DMs. We as a community can not take responsibility of messages happening in DMs, but if you feel you're being continuously harassed by a member, contact an Administrator.
  3. No harassment of others. Repeated or severe personal attacks, abusive behavior, antagonizing or slandering another member who have expressed offense by anything being stated or implied will not be tolerated. Do not post things with the intent to get a negative reaction out of people.
  4. Keep messages to their indicated channels in our Discord. This is pretty self explanatory.
  5. Administrators have the final say and verdict. Abuse of admin power should be reported to other admins and further investigated. Repeated or severe abuse will result in the admin being stripped of their role.

If you’re the target of violations, or witness them, contact an Administrator.

- If you are being asked to stop, but fail to comply, you will be met with a warning.
- If you fail to adhere to the warning or have continuous repeated offenses, you will be server muted for up to 24H.
- If you continue this behavior you will be banned from our Discord and removed from the Guild.

Messages in question that breach these rules will be logged and removed.

If you feel you’ve been wrongfully judged, you can plead to an Administrator. Explain the situation in a DM. Admins will then convene as a group and discuss the decision. Rules are subject to change.


Guildmaster, and Officers