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Loot Council of Prophecy

What is the Loot Council, and how does it work?


Alliance Guild, Argent Dawn, EU

September 10, 2021 by Gemini138

Last Update: 30 January 2024 by Gemini138


Loot Council of Prophecy

We utilize the RCLootCouncil addon to have a fair and balanced distribution of Tier Tokens, Trinkets, Special Effect Weapons and Very Rare items to the raid. Members of the Loot Council are picked by the Guild Master Felian. To ensure a good coverage and an impartial distribution, we'll have one representative of each role in the Council.

How does the voting work?

When an item drops from a boss, players are prompted to reply with a different set of buttons. We will then request a /roll from players on all items but Tier Tokens, Trinkets, Special Effect Seapons and Very Rare items. Need will take priority above the others responses. People are expected to select Need only if it's an actual upgrade. Please write a note with your response if the piece is your actual BIS.

New change as of Season 3 - We're rolling out Tier Tokens in segments. First 1/2-sets until we've geared that, followed by 3/4-sets.

The regular buttons:

Need/Upgrade – When an item is an upgrade, such as a ilvl and/or stat increase.
Offspec – When you want to roll on an item for an Offspec.
Transmog – When you want to roll on an item for Transmog.
Greed- When you want to roll on an item to sell or disenchant, or similar.
Pass – You give no response and will not be considered for loot distribution of this item.

For Tier Tokens you are given a different set of buttons to communicate how many pieces you'll be receiving, or if they're an ilvl upgrade.

How do we prioritize our votes?

The priority of the distribution for Tier Tokens, Trinkets and Very Rare items will be based on a multitude of things, mainly your selected response. In case several people want the item, the Loot Council will cast their votes, and then take several factors into consideration, such as:

Your response

Guild Rank*

Best in Slot
Current Item

Personal progression (outside of Raids)

Current overall ilvl
Current in-slot item
Loot history

The voting is subjective, but follow these rules. In case of a dispute, or when someone has something special to point out, the Loot Council will convene and together discuss what would serve the group and individual best.

* Established Raiders will have priority over Trials and Alts. Trials will be prioritized over Alts as well.
** To make a wishlist, follow the instructions for the Droptimizer in the WoWAudit section called "Wishlist/Personal". This is not mandatory, but it helps us a great deal.

Current members and their roles:
Tank: Felian - Magnus
MDPS: Haparthos - Kent
RDPS: Cermiit - Boyd
Healer: Nymah - Rob