Horde Guild • Illidan • US • Retail


Rules and Expectations

Rules for the Guild sectioned by content. Subject for updating if needed.


Horde Guild, Illidan, US

October 25, 2022 by Joker


Rules and Expectations | General

1. You will respect each other outside of a reasonable banter. Any news beyond this you let an officer or myself know so I can either kick that person or warn them. No Jays or karens in this discord.

2. If there are any typos or events missing or that you would like to see in the future ping one of us so we can poll it or gather people to meet your goals

3. This will be a guild going into the next tier and so on, you are responsible for mingling with your fellow peers and making them feel welcome.

4. You are expected to be on time (15min before posted time so 8:45PM EST) and an adult if life events occur by letting one of us know or updating your event sign up. Life happens, but you should be able to sacrifice 10 seconds to let the main team of status.

Rules and Expectations | Raid

1. There will be 0 side deals of loot behind my back. If I catch you doing this I’m kicking you from raid. RnG and shitty blizzard loot rolls is bad enough, don’t make others feel that pain even more.

2. You are to be on time and start gathering at 8:45 PM EST. I understand some of you get off work and travel home but 15 minutes before event times should be your goal to arrive at. If you are on time you are late.

3. If there is a raid strat or something going on in range or melee that isn’t accounted for or being talked about let us know. This is not a dictatorship and there is no way of knowing an issue if it isn’t addressed. You have a voice, I expect you to use it. One way relations don’t last long.

Rules and Expectations | Keys

1. Not all your peers will be capable of doing 25+ keys. This is fine. What is not fine is bantering them or being rude about low or subpar performance. Most likely they have a brain and know when they mess up. It is not your place to push them down further.

2. If you notice someone is doing a rotation wrong or doesn’t know the route for the key just speak up. Just don’t be a dick about it and they should be adult enough to take note or advice positively.

3. Flip side of number 2 is if you get advice or such , as long as it wasn’t said in a subhuman way don’t take it as such.

4. Key mingles are for us to help each other get our vaults filled no mater the person. Be kind.

Rules and Expectations | Life

1. This is a game first and foremost. If you go to bed mad at someone over a game and cant come to us the next day with a clean mind then you don’t belong here.