ShadowMurloc boombate


Tarren Mill, EU (27) Retail English
Draenor, EU (11) Retail English



Neck Eye of the Rising Flame 483
Shoulder Weyrnkeeper's Timeless Sandbrace 483
Hands Weyrnkeeper's Timeless Clawguards 483
Trinket Balefire Branch 483
Trinket Caged Horror 476
Main Hand Iridal, the Earth's Master 483
Off Hand
Embellishment 1
Rallied to Victory on Legs
Embellishment 2
Blue Silken Lining on Feet
Neck Elemental Lariat 447
Shoulder Heartfire Sentinel's Steelwings 441
Hands Heartfire Sentinel's Protectors 441
Trinket Mark of Dargrul 441
Trinket Elementium Pocket Anvil 441
Main Hand Thundercleaver Axe 441
Off Hand
Embellishment 1
Elemental Lariat on Neck
Embellishment 2
Prepared Time on Legs
Neck Choker of Stolen Thunder 441
Shoulder Molten Magma Mantle 447
Hands Underlight Conjurer's Gloves 441
Trinket Irideus Fragment 447
Trinket Vessel of Searing Shadow 441
Main Hand Obsidian Seared Hexsword 447
Off Hand Thadrion's Erratic Arcanotrode 441
Embellishment 1
Roiling Shadowflame on Waist
Embellishment 2
Roiling Shadowflame on Feet
Neck Perennial Pompon Pendant 428
Shoulder Fearless Faerie's Shoulderpads 437
Hands Drowsed Shepherd's Gloves 447
Trinket Root of Fire 421
Trinket Fang of the Frenzied Nightclaw 424
Main Hand Igira's Flaying Hatchet 454
Off Hand Wildleaf Handaxe 437
Embellishment 1
Thriving Thorns on Feet
Embellishment 2
Neck Trailseeker Choker 424
Shoulder Blazing Dreamstalker's Finest Hunt 457
Hands Trailseeker Gauntlets 424
Trinket Witherbark's Branch 450
Trinket Caged Horror 441
Main Hand Magmatic Volcannon 444
Off Hand
Embellishment 1
Blue Silken Lining on Finger
Embellishment 2
Neck Torc of Passed Time 447
Shoulder Mantle of the Autumn Blaze 441
Hands Handguards of the Autumn Blaze 431
Trinket Irideus Fragment 441
Trinket Idol of Pure Decay 437
Main Hand Illuminating Pillar of the Isles 424
Off Hand
Embellishment 1
Toxified on Waist
Embellishment 2
Coated in Slime on Feet
Neck Torc of Passed Time 424
Shoulder Azureweave Mantle 447
Hands Grips of the Sinister Savant 437
Trinket Mirror of Fractured Tomorrows 437
Trinket Irideus Fragment 421
Main Hand Illuminating Pillar of the Isles 447
Off Hand
Embellishment 1
Azureweave Mantle
Embellishment 2
Azureweave Slippers
Neck Elemental Lariat 421
Shoulder Peaks of the Walking Mountain 421
Hands Gauntlets of the Walking Mountain 418
Trinket Algeth'ar Puzzle Box 402
Trinket Windscar Whetstone 415
Main Hand Ley-Line Tracer 421
Off Hand Nhallish's Bloody Polearm 405
Embellishment 1
Elemental Lariat on Neck
Embellishment 2
Unstable Frostfire on Waist
Neck Elemental Lariat 395
Shoulder Vault Delver's Epaulets 398
Hands Treacherous Totem Wraps 408
Trinket Manic Grieftorch 398
Trinket Windscar Whetstone 402
Main Hand Primal Molten Longsword 408
Off Hand Ornamental Drakonid Claw 398
Embellishment 1
Elemental Lariat on Neck
Embellishment 2
Neck Obsidian Combatant's Jeweled Amulet 379
Shoulder Dreambound Shoulderguards 402
Back Deeprock Cape 376
  • RANK 3