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AotC Guild Runs!

Discord info- * POC: @Istelyn, Lady of the Log * CHANNEL: #filthycasuals-tu-th-830p-1030p-aotc * DATE/TIME: 8:30 pm server time; Thursday, July 30


Alliance Guild, Dalaran, US

July 27, 2020 by Inzania


Calling all Heroes of the Alliance who want to kick N'zoth in the big ol' rubbery tentacle! Filthy Casuals raid team will be hosting AotC runs on Thursday nights for the next few weeks, to help fellow guildies get the achievement and mount for killing Heroic N'zoth. These will be N'zoth-only runs, not full clears for gear or anything like that.

Please note: This is open to pretty much everyone, whether you have ever set foot into a raid or not. But there are a few very basic requirements to participate, so those interested in coming along MUST read the additional information in the #filthycasuals-tu-th-830p-1030p-aotc channel and follow the instructions there to apply.