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PARADOX THEORY is currently recruiting core & casual players.Available positions are ALL

  • We are also recruiting players to fill raid positions.4 DPS for Mythic raiding.Toons need to be geared for heroic/Mythic 233ilv H / 220ilv M bis lego,current renown and right covenant, normal completion and knowledge of current raid.
  • Raid positions are based off Performance/Attendance. Though not all members may participate in scheduled guild runs, all are given the chance for the opportunities.
  • Raid nights Tues and Thrus 6-9pm CST/ MUST have a positive attitude and be friendly to others.

We welcome all and strive to create a fair and balanced gaming experience for all guild members. . Help and Guild Perks are provided to all members no matter their rank. (Guild XP may be needed).

  • Keys, pvp, gold, mount farming runs daily!

PARADOX THEORY recruits; Characters on Americas • Retail region. Preferred
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