Panda House

Horde Guild, Dentarg, EU


August Update, 2019

Hello again,

I fancied providing an update on the guild as we approached the first guild meet of Panda House!

We have been recruiting new members to bolster our raid team against Azshara's wrath. Most recently, we welcomed Amastris and Nixxio into the Panda House. We hope they will enjoy their spots in the guild and become long term members of the raid team.
We also promoted some new officers since the last update. Both Wildanger and Sebusca became fully-fledged officers and are helping to maintain and manage the guild. I see them doing well, despite some teething shenanigans.

As far as raiding is concerned, progress has been going well and, as of today, we are up to Azshara on Heroic. Our best pull was 51% after a couple of hours attempting to defeat the boss. The illusive Curve is in reach, though we have a little way to go yet.

All in all, the guild is growing steadily; we are continuing to flourish like the Tiger Lillies of Pandaria.
Together, we are stronger.
Together, we are Panda House.