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Horde Guild, Area 52, US


Mythic Raid Requirements

Expectations for Mythic Raiders

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Horde Guild, Area 52, US

November 8, 2022 by geetarooman


Vault & M+: At least one full row of upgrades in your weekly vault every week that we are raiding. We expect everyone to be pushing M+ keys to ensure that the guild is consistently upgrading gear and getting experience from high mythic keys. In practice, this means you'll need to be significantly progressing your IO each week. The vault gear requirements will be softened as we progress towards the end of a tier but your --- requirements will become more strict. Progression requirements outlined upon request.

Know the fights: It's up to you to research the fights prior to raid nights. We'll be able to answer any questions and will provide resources for people to learn. The plan is that the officer team will still lay out a strategy but you should understand the core tenets of a fight so you understand how we're adapting.

Raid Attendance: Unless you have stated otherwise, we expect you to not miss raid. If you know that you will need to miss raid you will need to give notice at least one week in advance to ensure we have enough time to find replacements. One exception we will make is for planned events, but we ask that you please give us advance notice so we can plan accordingly.

Come Prepared to Raid: You need to come prepared to raid with all of your raid materials. This means you have all possible raid consumables available at your disposal and are using them generously. In the event that you aren't prepared we will have materials available for purchase but they will cost the purchase price at time of purchase which will likely be higher than market value. We will provide proof of purchase prices in the event that this happens.

Raid Performance: Unless assigned roles during a fight you should achieve at least a blue parse (<50%) and have a 90% survival over the course of a raid night.

Ownership of Self Improvement: We expect everyone to be improving their play throughout each week of the raid. Everyone should be staying up to date on what's the latest for your class, fights, systems, etc. Raiders should be actively researching content related to their class and the raid. We will provide some basic resources to start, but if we don't see improvement separate time there will be a check-in.