Horde Guild, Kazzak, EU


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Horde Guild, Kazzak, EU

July 14, 2021 by KrippleShocK

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Are you looking for an Organisation that’s social, who contribute and help the community? Are you interested in becoming a part of on an ORG, and helping us grow, watch us build ourselves into the bestwe can possibly be.

We are a newly formed Gaming Organisation with a fully set up discord, completed website and fully owned mascot with animated branding.

We are looking to fill our roster in all aspects of Gaming. We also focus on a range of different style genres and games.

What we offer 📷 A supportive environment that will help you grow as well as ourselves to be the best we can possibly be. We’ll be doing a range of things come future, for example, KSM/Raid/RBGs/Arena/Rank1/Gladiator Boosts and much more.

What we expect from you 📷 All we expect is activity and a professional attitude when required, we’re an active and fun guild, but firstly we are an organization, so a level of maturity is required.

**Main Roles Currently Open -**Recruitment Manager

Graphics Designer

Video Editor

Content Creators

Website Developer

Discord & Website Mods

Website Management Team

Discord management team


Head of Discord

Head of Grand Theft Auto Online Team

Head of Apex Legends Online Team

Head of Valorant Team

Head of Call of Duty Warzone Team

Head of Fortnite Team

Head of Final Fantasy 14 Team

Head of League of Legends Team

Head of Each Individual Esports Team

Application form via our Official Website -https://www.real-ogs.com/recruitment

Owner Discord -(OGRKrippleShocK) - OGRÐisowned#9999

Co Owner Discords - (OGRLilMissPsychoXo) - LilMissPsychoXo#4222 (OGRRevival) - OGRRevival#2863 (OGRCreedSk1ller) - creedsk1ller#2404

Guilds of WoW Application Process -https://guildsofwow.com/ogr/recruitmentAny questions or issues you may have and wish to talk about 1 - 1. Please make sure you private message - OGRKrippleShøcK#9999

Note: Response times may vary, please take this into consideration!