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What we achieved in the Shadowlands

We achieved a lot within the Shadowlands, read below to find out!

Noobs With Keyboards

Horde Guild, Draenor, EU

December 16, 2022 by Dan


When myself and my partner created this Guild in 2021, we had no idea how far it would come and what we would achieve. It's honestly blown us away, and we are so proud of the whole Guild. Each and every single Member, even those who have left and moved on, helped build and create Noobs With Keyboards what it is today. Thank you to everyone :)


As a nice 'lookback', I thought I'd list hwat we achieved during the Shadowlands below (granted I'll probably miss some 🤣);

  • Sanctum of Domination AoTC.
  • Sepulcher of The First Ones AoTC.
  • Cleared all Fated Shadowlands Raids on Heroic.
  • Helped 35+ wow players earn their Slime Cats in the closing of S4.
  • Fully established our Guild in World of Warcraft.
  • Kept the Guild going through the slog that Shadowlands was.
  • Creating a safe, welcoming, and learning environment for any and all.
  • Reach over 300+ Members (204 unique).
  • Being able to cover a wide range of Professions (Pre-DF).
  • Having a constant, and active player base.
  • A fully functioning, and accessible Discord for our Members to use.
  • Setting up a Guild Instagram to help our Members feel recognised, and share their achievement with all.
  • Creating a fantastic Officer team, who are ready to help at a moments notice.
  • Created a community to house our Friends, and Alliance alts.
  • Regular events, which always end up in a laughs!
  • Recieved lots of kind words from non-guildies about our Guild.

And many more! (I could go on forever but I'll keep it like this for now 😀).

So yeah, we've been busy! Why dont you come along and join us on our journey? :)