Nuggies Immortalis

Horde Guild • Tarren Mill • EU • Retail TIER 3 GUILD


Dragon race CUP of Nuggies Immortalis!

In the following month we will have 10 dragonriding races across the lands. Winner will get 1 game token in gold and 20k for first 3 places of each week.

Nuggies Immortalis

Horde Guild, Tarren Mill, EU

May 13, 2023 by Clumso

Last Update: 17 May 2023


Fellow dragonriders of Nuggies Immortalis!

In the following month we will host 10 dragonriding challenges! There will be max 2 runs per week.


  • first 3 places of each week (5 weeks total) will earn you 20.000g
  • absolute winner for all 10 challenges combined will get 1 game token in GOLD - roughly 300k!
  • every contender that attends all 10 races will also receive one of practical rewards: mounts, toys, phials, auto-repair hammers,...

WOW! Sound awesome, but how does it work?

  1. APPLY for the event: You will be notified in guild discord with event sign up.
  2. Contesting: There will be announcement in discord for each dragonriding day. "But I can not come at that time :( " No worries! We fully understand not everyone will be able to be there at that time. You can notify one of event hosts and you will have the chance to go for a race induvidually!
  3. Storing results: Event host will have and excel file to track results.
  4. Weekly winner: Weekly winner is the person who has lowest weekly time spent on the track. Lets say John has times track1: 44s 543ms and track2 67s 654ms. His total is 112s 196ms. Jannet has weekly time 111s 999ms. Jannet won!
  5. Absolute winner: Same as weekly winner, we will sum all 10 track times together and the person with lowest summary WINS!


If you have the wish to help out in this organisation, you can reach out to Svetigor or Feyana. Help is always welcome and makes runs go smoother. This will be specialy good for the induvidual runs!


May the wind be with you!