Nuggies Immortalis

Horde Guild • Tarren Mill • EU • Retail TIER 3 GUILD


The Great Praesidio Immortalis Leveling Push!

Announcing leveling event to achieve "Stay Classy" guild achievement. Participants will be justly rewarded.

Nuggies Immortalis

Horde Guild, Tarren Mill, EU

September 26, 2022 by Clumso



Guild council has decided to host a guild event where we all work towards "Stay Classy" guild achievement. For this achievement we get 8th tab in guild bank. To complete this, we need all classes of specific race at max level (example: Classy Orcs).

Goal of this is to make long-term event while we are waiting new expansion and at same time do something for our members and guild.

Detailed spreadsheet of required classes will be found in guild discord at events channel.



# 100.000 gold per character leveled
# 50.000 for fastest 3 (you need to send /played to Svetigor or Feyana when you reach level 60). This will be given as we earn achievement
# Pandas earn 20% extra gold



Below is a list of rules

  1. Character must be leveled not boosted trough service.
  2. You can sign in for one slot at a time. (You can not reserve it ahead)
  3. You do not overwrite other peoples application - that is why only comments are allowed and Svetigor will then fill up the spreadsheet
  4. Finishing it and beeing a part of guild Praesidio Immortalis earns you 100k. Minimum reputation towards guild is HONORED.
  5. When you finish you send your /played image to Svetigor at discord. We will write down that time. Fastest 3 from 1 to 60 will get extra 50k before new expansion comes out or when guild gets "Stay Classy" achievement.
  6. To level fast it is recommended to check: Using this strategy is not mandatory.
  7. Character must remain guild member until guild achievement is earned.
  8. Inactivity for more than 10 days results in removing of reservation and releasing it for other participants



- make new character and level it to 60

- fill up data at excel trough "comment" (link to spreadsheet is in discord)

- earn 100.000 gold

- be one of the fastest levelers and get 50k extra

- have fun leveling solo or in a group :)