Nuggies Immortalis

Horde Guild • Tarren Mill • EU • Retail TIER 3 GUILD


Praesidio Immortalis Fish&Chips challenge

Under guild Praesidio Immortalis and one of the officers we do a monthly event. The event is different each time. This time it was about cooking and fishing with a fresh Tauren hunter character.

Nuggies Immortalis

Horde Guild, Tarren Mill, EU

May 27, 2022 by Clumso

Last Update: 28 May 2022


Praesidio Immortalis: Fish&Chips challenge


The journey:

On a quiet Friday night of 27.5.20211, 7 brave souls entered the land of Mulgore. Their goal was to reach experience of a level 5 hunter, master the difficulty of holding a fishing rod, catching one Brilliant Smallfish, pet a wolf for a steak of Wolf Meat and cook it into lovely Charred Wolf Meat.


As a guild officer rang the gong, they started stampeding all over the Red Cloud Mesa! Crazy cows... um.. Tauren named Immoruki, Imofishboy, Immolast, Imomoonuggi, Imonuggi, Imococktide and Imoedi wanted to win the great challenge with all their heart!


While all contenders started by completing difficult and deadly tasks of Red Cloud Mesa citizens, the one, the sneaky, the big brain Immoruki started his journey straight to Bloodhoof Village. He had a hard time avoiding deadly wolf beast, Gnoll poachers and mountain Cougars - but as the big brain as he was, he succeeded and reached the village center before all others. With his last breath, he reached profession trainer. It was the worst time of his career. He learned the hard way - no profession without a diploma level 5! (Character level).. At that moment he knew that he is! "#$!"$$ up because all others were already level 3. He logged out and finished the challenge as last 🧐

On the other side, the rest of contenders went into a brutal fight for mobs and quests. In just a few minutes they started rushing down from Cloud Mesa towards Bloodhoof Village, all with the degree of a level 5. The confusion of where the cooking and fishing trainers was broken fast and soon we saw them fishing that dangerous fish!

First to catch a fish was Imoedi with both hoofs in water! After he caught the fish he opened his Cooking book and despaired. No recipe included this poisonous Raw Brilliant Smallfish.

Some of others followed him closely with wolf meat in the hand. Finaly, all requirements were met and winers of the event started to pour in!

The final results:

  1. Imoeddi
  2. Imomoonuggi
  3. Imofishboy
  4. Imonuggi
  5. Immolast
  6. Imococktide
  7. Immoruki

The bonus

As it was promised, a roll for a mount was performed. With a roll of 76, Immolast (our beloved guild leader) won the Depleted-Kyparite Rocket.


Until next time!