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Voodoo apprentice challenge by Praesidio Immortalis

Voodoo apprentice challenge is a fun event that evolved in the minds of guild members for the guild members. Who thought creating a new character will bring so much fun and excitement!

Nuggies Immortalis

Horde Guild, Tarren Mill, EU

January 25, 2022 by Clumso


Voodoo apprentice challenge

At the end of the week, on friday of january 21, guild members were invited to join a fun event prepared by guildies.

It was called "Voodoo apprentice challenge". At our discord, a poster awaited!


As guild members started to apply, all wondered, what will this be all about? Questions like "Will I need good gear?", "Is there PvP involved?" or "is it going to be boring?" were all over the chat. Soon all questions were answered as a new poster came to our beloved discord channel:


Oh, the rush to create a new character - a Troll! What class should I take? Does it matter? Perhaps a druid? Or maybe a hunter?

So the characters were made and players lined up for a sprint! On Svetigors count, adventurers rushed towards their goal of reaching level 6, learning herbalism and alchemy, crafting 3 potions and deliver them to Razzor Hill in Durotar where host of the event was waiting for them.

Boy! What a battle.

In the end, a skilled hunter claimed victory for himself and grand prize of 80k gold + Vials of the sand mount were his to take!

Prize was given to his main character:



To all guild members: Thank you for your attendance. Hope to see you in the next one!

Final results:



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