Nightmares of the Fallen

Horde Guild • Aggramar • US • Retail


AOTC we did it.

Sark is down!

Nightmares of the Fallen

Horde Guild, Aggramar, US

August 14, 2023 by Cuttercup


Today, I'm filled with pride and gratitude as we come together to celebrate an incredible journey. From a guild that began without raiding ambitions, we've achieved something truly remarkable – the Ahead of the Curve for Scale Commander Sarkarath in just one season!

This achievement speaks volumes about our dedication, hard work, and unity. We've evolved from individuals into a cohesive team that fearlessly faces Azeroth's challenges. Each of you has shown unwavering commitment to improvement, learning from mistakes, and embracing victory.

I want you all to know how proud I am of you. Your determination and resilience have carried us through every high and low. I'm also grateful for your patience during my off days when my focus wasn't at its best. Your support is invaluable.

Our guild is more than bosses defeated; it's a family forged through battles and shared triumphs. As we move forward, let's carry this unity. New challenges await, but with our bond, we'll conquer them and emerge stronger.

Celebrate not just achievements, but also the memories we've made. Lift your weapons high, for we are a force to be reckoned with! T

hank you for allowing me to lead. Here's to our future conquests! lets keep going strong as season 3 is probably less then 10 weeks away. and a new adventure awaits

For the Alliance ....or Horde ....i guess


Raid Leader