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Last Heroic Clear of Season 1

Closing the end of the tier in style


Horde Guild, Tichondrius, US

April 27, 2023 by Cindersiren


What a season it's been! We've all come from different homes, servers, and factions to create The Daybreak and we know 10.1 will be full of all of the same amazing things we've accomplished so far.


To wrap it all up, we've now been a guild for 2 months and have gotten each of our raiders AOTC, we've pushed +20 keys with ease, we've geared up countless alts together, have dominated battlegrounds, and have created an amazing group of friends to call our online family. Our vision is clear going into next patch - we're going to kick ass and we're going to do it with people we love to play with.


We'll be taking a week off from raiding to do other things like murder people in arena and battlegrounds, catch up with profession things, or just hang out in discord playing other games together. It's a well deserved break and we're happy to say goodbye to Vault and hello to Aberrus!


We're looking forward to further solidifying our raid roster with a tank that wants to kill things just as much as we do, and creating a dedicated PVP group! Whether we're fighting bosses or other players, we're happy to do it all together and we're stoked to see what we can all accomplish.


Massive thank yous go out to our fearless leader Grum, our amazing Raid Leader and Officer Mack, our new Recruitment Officer Skanky, and every single person in our family that makes this game actually fun. You're loved and appreciated as long as you keep your stupid dad jokes in the appropriate channel.

<3 Jena