New Reign

Alliance Guild, Antonidas, US


New Reign Post Blizzconline Update

New Reign

Alliance Guild, Antonidas, US

February 22, 2021 by Brews

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Hey all

A quick update on New Reign after watching Blizzconline and seeing what future content is coming to the game. I think two things are clear, which will affect raiding going forward and overall New Reign scheduling.

The first is 9.0.5 is slated to drop sometime in March. This patch has a ton of character/covenant balancing fixes and minor but significant additions like the Valor system for M+. However, outside of these changes, there are no big content drops – which means we're basically replaying M+ in the same season, waiting for 9.1.

The second is 9.1, looks excellent with a new 10 boss raid, mega-dungeon and everything in between. But it's not lost on the community that the content reveals and community Q&As show 9.1 is nowhere near ready. This means we're looking to a hopeful end of May or early June 9.1 drop. It might even be a bit longer.

Going Forward

Raiding for New Reign will return after the 9.0.5 patch at 1-day a week raiding with the occasional 2nd day. We're also looking into a set mythic plus day for valor grinds – probably Mythic Mondays. You'll see these events pop up on the website and in-game calendar.

In my experience, it's important to hit a stride when the new raid is about to release. With the gap in content, managing burnout will be challenging but not impossible. Our #1 goal is to go into 9.1 with our raid roster ready to go!

Current pressing raid roster needs.

  • Full-time healer (Preferably a priest or paladin)
  • Tank who is also interested in M+ (Preferably a DK, DH or Bear)
  • DK DPS
  • WW DPS
  • Boomkin DPS

If you're changing specs or have friends interested in joining the guild, reach out to myself or an officer. Enjoy the break before we’re back into a progression mindset!