Never That Lucky

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Never That Lucky is a casual Raiding and M+ Guild! We're a small group of friends that couldn't find the right environment so decided to make our own.

Never That Lucky

Never That Lucky is a casual progression raiding guild formed in July 2021. Main purpose of the guild is to have fun and enjoy the content WoW has to offer with the added bonus of doing some raid progression with AOTC in mind and pushing keys whenever possible.

Who We Are

We all have AOTC experience starting 8.3, and originally pushed 4/10H in 9.1 in the first week another prog guild before deciding that semi-hardcore raiding progression isn't for us. All of us have things going on IRL and can't always make the time to do raiding twice a week. Not only that, we're just here to have fun. If you're a player who just wants to chill, play the game, have fun and be a dork then we're the guild for you.

What We Do

As we're currently just a group of 4 players, we mostly run M+ and do tazavesh while pugging raids just to get our weekly vaults in, however we'd ideally aim to raid at least once a week for 2-3 hours on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday (1/3 or 2/3 of those days). With that said, we're looking for people who are interested in the following:

  1. Raid progression with the focus of AOTC but also just having fun. We get it, everyone wants progression and get the kills in but please don't be a d!ck about it. I (bobbyb) will do my best to raid lead along with my officers/friends to get the bosses down. Helps/tips will be considered if it makes sense (trust me, I completely understand how some guilds are 'it's my way or STFU' to new players but will listen to advice from their core group saying the exact same advice).
  2. If you're new and have no AOTC experience but want to have it, we'd still like to have you. As mentioned previously all of us didn't have any AOTC experience until 8.3, why? Pandemic lol. We were all working from home and had the time to actually raid. So we all come from zero raid experience backgrounds and welcome all kinds of players. If you want to learn, come play! If you want to help, come play! If you just want to hammer stuff to the ground, still - come play!
  3. A guild you can feel comfortable to just hang around and chat. We are strictly no drama/NSFW/Politics/Racism/Discrimination of any kind. If you're looking to knock people down because they're not progressing at the place you like or tell everyone how to do it your way and take over, please just move along or make your own guild. Personality, chemistry, and longevisty is more important to us than a top tier player (though if you come with both we're happy to have you). A solid consistent group can progress very quickly with just enough patience.

What We're Looking For

Like any guild, chemistry is important. We're looking for players with positive attitudes and are either willing to learn or willing to help. We all try to pitch in in our own way, whether it be helping lowbies get gear, providing mats for raids/enchants, or just giving advice. We're looking for people who can provide the same positive attitude.

Raid 6-9PM PST (2 hour time frame in there... somewhere) Tues/Wed/Thurs

As we're in a building phase if you have a max level character with some gear, you can raid with us. If you have a noob that isn't level 60 yet but want to dive right in when you do, come play.

Once we get raiding up I'll be checking parses and mechanics. Don't be intimidated by this, it's ok if those kind of metrics are new to you as long as you're willing to learn and accept advice. I only check logs to see if improvements can be made, we check them for ourselves all the time. Some of us started at grey parses, but now we can consistently hit between 70-90 parses if we know the fight. It's just a learning curve. While we're not a hardcore raiding guild, progression in Raid means everyone needs to pull their weight in some way. Contribution is key, and if you're doing what you can to contribute then you'll be alright.


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