Never Lucky

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Casual Raid Progression guild looking to recruit people who mesh well with our members.

Never Lucky

Never Lucky is a casual progression raiding guild that was formed back in May 2020.  Main purpose of the guild is to have fun and enjoy the content WoW has to offer, and with the added bonus of doing some raid progression with AOTC in mind.


Who We Are

Guild is comprised mostly of random players from all walks of life.  None of us really know each other IRL, but you wouldn't be able to notice since we all get along so well.  Majority of us are working professionals in the age range of 25-50+ who've been gamers for quite some time.  We just love to play.


What We Do

As of 1/10/2020 Never Lucky is currently going through a rebuilding phase to search for core members who are looking for the following:

1.) Raid progression with the focus of AOTC but also having fun.  Everyone wants to progress, every guild has their own pace.  Some people may not have any raid experience, and that's ok.  We're willing to teach if you're willing to learn.  

2.) Mythic Plus!  We are always looking for players to run dungeon's with.  We don't have a set team yet but my goal is to have a group comprised of at least top 20 IO's on the server.

3.) A guild they can feel comfortable to just hang around and chat.  We are strictly no drama/NSFW/politics/racism/discrimination of any kind.  You looking to replace people simply because they're not progressing at the pace you like? We're not the guild for you.  Personality, chemistry, and longevity is more important to us.  A solid consistent group can progress very quickly with just enough patience (I know, sounds ironic).


What We're Looking For

Like any guild, chemistry is important.  We're looking for players with positive attitudes and are either willing to learn or willing to help.  We all try to pitch in in our own way, whether it be helping lowbies get gear, providing mats for raids/enchants, or just giving advice.  We're looking for people who can provide the same positive attitude.  

We're not looking for realm first or anything, we just want to have fun and have progression.  So if you have extremely high expectations, we probably aren't the guild for you and there are plenty of other elite guilds who will be happy to take you :) but if you just want to have fun with a group of people on a weekly basis? We'd be more than happy to have you.

Oh, and don't be a drama queen (unless you're doing it in a funny way :D). 


Raid 6-8PM PST Friday/Saturday

As we're in a rebuilding phase, our current core consists of roughly 12 members.  All that means is: if you're looking to become a core member for raid progression, well your chances are very high. 


We check parses and mechanics and honestly, it's ok if those kind of metrics are new to you as long as you're willing to learn and accept constructive criticism =).  While we're not a hardcore raiding guild, progression in Raid means everyone needs to pull their weight in some way.  Contribution is key, and if you're doing what you can to contribute then you'll be alright.



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