Naked Raiders

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Naked Raiders

Alliance Guild, Misha, US

February 4, 2020 by FrenchyEmmy


The guild was formed by a group of players who came together in during the Mist of Pandaria expansion. We aim to be a guild that is laid back, enjoying our gaming experience, striving to grow as players while progressing through raiding or mythic dungeons. Our core group consists of long time World of Warcraft players who have a wide variety experience with high level end game content but have decided to take a more casual approach to the game. Our primary goal however will always be to have fun while supporting each of our fellow guildmates. Whether you are a veteran to World of Warcraft or a new player, if you are looking for a new guild home, we hope you will give us consideration.

We are currently 6/12N N'yalotha and 8/8H EP and  ave been raiding since MoP but not as a raiding guild, more as a group of friends from different realms who'd pug what they needed.