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If you can't tell by the title, we try not to take ourselves too seriously with raiding. Many of our raiders have been raiding together with one another across many expansions, and we keep coming back for a few simple reasons.

We get AOTC. This is the one thing that is usually non-negotiable. It might take a few weeks, it might take the entire tier, but we get AOTC and have a blast while doing it.

We usually do acheivement runs. Why? Because we like mounts too.

After AOTC, those of us that want to keep on pushing mythic. We have a spotty track records here, to be honest, but have usually found ourselves capable of generally completing about half the mythic raid with pugs and just taking our time and having fun with it.


Our rules are pretty simple, these days.

- 18 and up please. Topics can be a little (and a lot) adult sometimes.
- Leave your -isms at the door. -asms are ok (most of them).
- joke hard, play hard, but it's a game.
- be here to have fun.
- be respectful of your fellow raiders time and effort. Be punctual, be prepared, and keep yourself up and raid ready.

N S F W recruits; Characters on Americas • Retail region. Preferred
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