Morning Brown

Horde Guild • Mal'Ganis • US • Retail


Recuritment Open!

Hey everyone! Morning Brown as a guild is looking to add a bunch of new people to the team!

Morning Brown

Horde Guild, Mal'Ganis, US

June 13, 2023 by Illuzionz


If you happen to find your way here I'll post the TL;DR at the top!

We are looking to grow and expand our roster, we are looking for:

1 healer and 1 person to heal/flex to a dps role

and any DPS!


Howdy friends!

Morning Brown is looking to expand our roster and begin working toward mythic raiding. However we need to build in order for that to happen.

If you happen to be an individual looking for a new home, for whatever end game acitvites you enjoy we are here to accomodate. We have a very active M+ roster with most pushing well above KSM every season. We have some devout PvP players, and of course we raid. As we were founded at the start of DF we finished VoTI 8/8H, and we are currently 8/9H on Aberrus.

As we finish up AoTC we would love to get motivated players in who would be willing to help us get into that mythic content!

We are looking for 1 healer who is willing to flex into a DPS role as needed and any and all DPS!