Morning Brew

Horde Guild • Illidan • US • Retail


Recruiting for 10.2!!

Morning Brew is bolstering a new officer team with new raid leadership with CE experience, and we are rapidly recruiting for 10.2! our team is in current need of Mages, Dps Evokers, and Demon Hunters.

Morning Brew

Horde Guild, Illidan, US

October 29, 2023 by Axetomouuthh


All players looking to crush mythic progression and can play at a level capable of clearing the content are welcome to apply, prior CE achievements not required if you have the drive to learn. Recruiting Mages, Evokers, and Demon Hunters, and any cvlass piloted by a highly-skilled player. You can reach out to me on discord, or apply in the guild discord directly.


Guild Discord;

My discord info; Axetomouuthh