Mizspeld Mackros

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About Us

More info about us; why we have formed, who our leadership team is, and what we want to achieve.

Mizspeld Mackros

Horde Guild, Saurfang, US

January 22, 2022 by Nitechild

Last Update: 27 January 2022



If you have made it this far then you probably want to know a bit more about us before you apply. So...


What is New Guild, Who Dis about?

Our members really loved the people of our previous guild but found that interests and engagement with the game had diverged. We were often the only players online playing WoW and the rest of the guild was raid logging. Honestly, we don't blame them. For many they were burnt out on the game, weren't interested in the daily grind or had other stuff going on in their life. In saying that, our core leadership team had formed a Mythic+ team and decided to work towards Keystone Master. For us, it was about setting a goal, hanging out together and enjoying some quality bants. Naturally, we started to talk about forming our own guild to find other likeminded players. We don't expect every player to be the BESTEST EVER tm. We do however, expect people to want to play, to seek knowledge, and work towards getting better so we can meet our goals as a team.


So who are we? Our leadership team:

Nite: Guild leader. Resto shaman main, previously really terrible shadow priest. Student and board game lover. Enjoys fantasy and scifi literature and chocolate.


Kandrays: Raid leader. Jack of all trades but planning on druid main for 9.2. Regularly makes the team feel like noobs for picking up a random alt and blasting them out of the water.


Kane: Officer. Dog dad of the guild. Loves his warrior main more then seems healthy at times.


So what are our goals?

We started working towards KSM in the last months of 9.15 so we would like to get that much earlier in 9.2 and also to get AOTC. Some members are interested in rated PVP so that will likely see some action once we have met other goals.


So what about you?

If we sound like a crew that you might fit in with, please do fill in our application process. Once you have done so, we will schedule to have a chat with you and then we can run some content! Looking forward to meeting you!